Term 3 Week 3 Update

Well our 3rd week of the term has come to an end. And as you read in this morning’s school newsletter we have an end in sight for e-learning. I’d like to thank the parents again for all that you’ve been doing with your children during this time.

In Phonics we finished up Short Vowels and have started on Digraphs. Today we began learning “TH”.

In Maths we continued doing addition focusing on different strategies and working towards doing word problems (more of that next week).

In IEYC we continued our space theme focusing on the Moon this week. We learned about phases of the moon and some of the first space missions. Next week we’ll be finishing up this unit culminating with a space food (cookie) party on Friday. Hopefully we’ll get to see our friend Moonbeam again!

Have a great weekend  and we’ll see you rested and refreshed on Monday!

Moon Gazing (friday) (May 15, 2020 2_27_23 PM) 20200513_092344 Add with Number Path (Wednesday) (13 May 2020 10_15_14 am) Phases of the Moon (May 12, 2020 3_17_12 PM) Short Vowels Review - Day 15 and Word of the Week - How (Thursday) (May 14, 2020 11_16_54 AM) Equal Sign (Friday) (May 15, 2020 9_26_25 AM) Moon Buggy (Thursday) (May 14, 2020 3_12_39 PM) Moon Buggy (Thursday) (14 May 2020 2_56_16 pm) 20200515_102216 20200515_140253