Term 3 Week 1 Update

Wow! What an exciting entrance to Term 3 we’ve had!

We started a new unit in Math on Addition to 10. Our Phonics is continuing with Short Vowels. We did E and started U this week. We also returned to doing Word of the Week and our Sight Word was “love”. Of course we started our new IEYC unit “Blast Off!” a unit about space and planets with a little visit from an extraterrestrial guest, Moonbeam. We’ve also started having more, and longer, video chats. I hope the children are pleased to see each other and each others work in these chats. It’s been fun for me to share with them.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday. Don’t forget, Tuesday of next week is a holiday so there will be no school.

FS 1-2 English (12) 20200501_104414 20200501_114513 IEYC Entry Point (Tuesday 428) (28 Apr 2020 2_49_24 pm) IEYC Entry Point (Tuesday 428) (28 Apr 2020 2_19_23 pm) 20200428_140004 Combinations to 8 (Friday 51) (1 May 2020 11_07_31 am) Combinations to 8 (Friday 51) (May 1, 2020 9_25_10 AM)