Term 2 Week 6 Update

We had a great week in FS 1/2 this week. In Math we began the early stages of exploring numbers to 100 by learning to skip count by 2’s. We used a variety of ways to show that we could count things in groups of two – like pairs of socks.

IMG_20200212_094323 IMG_20200212_094327 IMG_20200212_094354 20200211_092922

In Phonics we learned about the letter Y this week. We did not have a word of the week.

In IEYC we began learning about real-life heroes like firefighters. We built ladders to get cats out of trees. We also built our own emergency vehicles.

20200211_115331 20200211_120246 (1) 20200211_120306 20200211_120451 20200211_114306

We spent a long time on Wednesday working on puzzles. The students showed real teamwork while making them.

IMG_20200212_135337 IMG_20200212_122138 IMG_20200212_121808 IMG_20200212_115737

And of course we had our trip to the Lightning Man Experience. The children had a wonderful time on the trip experiencing being superhero helpers to Lightning Man.

20200213_110448 20200213_110513 IMG_20200213_110946 20200213_111040 20200213_111318 20200213_111953 IMG_20200213_112011 IMG_20200213_112019 IMG_20200213_112148 20200213_112442 20200213_112820 20200213_113718 20200213_114451 IMG_20200213_114454 IMG_20200213_125551 IMG_20200213_130628 IMG_20200213_130914 IMG_20200213_130919 IMG_20200213_130958 IMG_20200213_131006 IMG_20200213_131318 IMG_20200213_131436 IMG_20200213_131720 20200213_131940 IMG_20200213_132109 IMG_20200213_132332 IMG_20200213_141057

That’s all for this week. Monday is the 100th day of school and we have some special activities planned. Can’t wait to continue learning next week!