Term 2 Week 1 Update

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing break. We’re back to full-time learning!

We started off the week with a great assembly from Mr. Kearney about empathy. We did an activity where we “stood in someone else’s shoes” to really learn their perspective.


We jumped right into a new unit on measurement in Math. We learned about things that are bigger and smaller, longer and shorter, and began learning about taller and shorter. We used a lot of real-life objects in the classroom to compare sizes. We also began working on written work in Math to start our Math notebooks.

20200107_092931 20200107_092938 20200107_093236 20200108_093353 20200108_093534 20200109_092733 20200109_093624 20200109_093610

In Phonics we covered the letters S and F and visited the sight word “at”.


IEYC has proven to be very exciting with our new unit, “To The Rescue!”, focusing on superheroes. We began the week finding a very special package sitting near our carpet after story time. What could it be? Well there was a letter signed “A Superhero” asking us to keep their box safe.

20200108_115530 20200108_115603

But, oh no! Soon the evil villain Mighty Freeze came into our classroom and put a magic spell on us and froze us in place while she stole our box that we were supposed to keep safe!


It’s a good thing she left a trail of snowflakes behind so we could follow them and rescue the box.

20200108_120435 20200108_120552

We brought it back to the classroom and opened it up. Inside we found supplies to make our own superhero masks!

20200108_120756 20200108_120913 20200108_134901 20200108_134914 20200108_140153

The next day we donned our jackets and masks and went outside for our Superhero Training. We completed the obstacle course and got certificates making us real superheroes.

20200109_140135 20200109_141736 20200109_141951

IMG_20200109_141643 IMG_20200109_141459 IMG_20200109_143741 (1)

We capped off the week reading the book Supertato and trying our hands at retelling a story. Then we used homemade playdough to make the characters from Supertato. We had a great time exploring texture and colour.

The students were pretty excited that this playdough was homemade and promptly declared that their moms  should make some. So, in case anyone gets this request, you can find the ingredients list and instructions on this blog: https://funlearningforkids.com/easy-play-dough-recipe-without-cream-tartar/

20200110_141958 20200110_142012 20200110_142026 20200110_142047 20200110_142702 20200110_143901

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun. We’ll see you back and ready on Monday!