Term 1 Week 16 Update

Wow! It’s the end of the term! I am so proud of all the children and their learning thus far. We kept it up even until the last days before the holiday.

In Phonics we learned the initial sound “I” and our Sight Word was “and”. I’m excited to continue with our Phonics and Sight Words next term as well as begin Guided Reading.

IMG_20191210_110157_Bokeh IMG_20191210_110218_Bokeh IMG_20191210_110117_Bokeh IMG_20191210_105647_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110047 IMG_20191212_110138_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110146_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110212_Bokeh

We were a veritable toy factory for ending off our Toy Shop unit in IEYC. We made cars, boats, and kaleidoscopes. The students had a great time using different media to decorate and create their toys. They were played with here at school and I hope they get some use at home.

IMG_20191210_113324_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113332_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113339_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113858_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134851_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134857_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134951_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135000_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135022_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135135_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135742_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135747_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135802_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135830_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135846_Bokeh IMG_20191212_093505

All this work making toys has made the students very creative during their developmental play time. They had a day where they really enjoyed puzzles and they’ve been making some great small worlds for the car toys.

IMG_20191210_115345 IMG_20191210_115412_Bokeh IMG_20191210_115754 IMG_20191210_115914_Bokeh IMG_20191212_150250

Have a wonderful and restful holiday. Enjoy this time with your family no matter what you celebrate and we’ll see you back in the new year ready for more action-packed learning!