Term 1 Week 15 Update

Wow! All our hard work came to an amazing culmination at last night’s winter show. I hope you all enjoyed it. I know the children certainly did. I’m so proud of how well they learned their song and its actions. I’m also proud of the students in the drama club who learned who learned their lines and bravely spoke out on stage.

Speaking of the winter show, this week was chock full of rehearsals but we still did get lots of learning in. In Phonics we studied the letters N and M and our Word of the Week sight word was “see”. In Math we continued working on subitizing concentrating more on numbers 6-10. We also did some work around winter and snow men and made a wonderful snowman using negative space.

Report cards went home today. Don’t forget to fill in your comments and bring them with you to the parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday. If you haven’t reserved your spot to speak with me yet you can do so by signing the sheet in the office. I look forward to this excellent opportunity to discus your child’s academic progress. Additionally, our workbooks will be going home over night on Monday so you can see what we’ve been working on all term. Please remember to return them on Tuesday so we can continue working next week.

The last day of term is next Friday and it’s a half-day. There will be an assembly where the students will present some of the work they’ve done this term. I look forward to seeing you there!

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