Term 1 Week 14 Update

Wow we’re heading into the home stretch but we’re still starting new things. In phonics this week we worked on the letters P and A and our word of the week was “a”. You will have noticed that in your child’s homework folder there are two reading books. These are to help practice our words of the week. Two books will be going home each week in their homework folder from now on. Some of the class is already reading more complex books than the ones I have sent home. Please be patient as I make level-appropriate books for them to read. This is an ongoing project and I hope to have Just Right Readers at your child’s appropriate level by the beginning of Term 2.

We continued exploring toys and toy shops in IEYC this week. We set up our own toy shop, made shopping lists, and then used money to buy items in our shop. The students had a fun experience shopping.

20191127_135458 20191127_134847 20191127_134804 20191127_134722 20191127_134633 20191127_134621

We also looked at zoetropes. A zoetrope is a pre-film animation tool that allows the observer to experience moving pictures. We had a great time looking at all the animations last year’s Y2/3 class did and made some of our own.

20191128_140345 20191128_135839 20191128_135702 20191128_135657

And of course with the Winter Show coming up we’ve been hard at work practicing our song and we also started on our holiday craft. The students will be keen for you to buy one the night of the show.

20191129_135419 20191129_135426 20191129_135751 20191129_140529

That’s all for this week. Stay warm, have a restful weekend, and we’ll see you Monday!