Term 1 Week 13 Update

Please accept my apologies for this very late update. I was unfortunately very ill on Friday when the updates usually go out.

As we near the end of the term, it doesn’t mean our learning is slowing down. If anything it’s picking up! We learned a lot this week including the letter T in our phonics program and our word of the week, “The”. We worked hard on subitizing numbers to 10 in Math. And as always our Toy Shop was up and running in IEYC. Not to mention our trip to the Ulsan Toy Library.

The students had a blast on our trip to the Toy Library. They got to play with a lot of exciting toys that we don’t have in the classroom and it really helped their social skills regarding sharing and taking turns. To see the full set of photos at the Toy Library, please check out the Google Album (private link) here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UcbKZKLwFgPrcppq6

20191119_103442 20191119_104646 20191119_110241 IMG_20191119_104331 IMG_20191119_104853 IMG_20191119_104948 IMG_20191119_110650

Our students have been very enterprising with their Toy Shop in the classroom and began exploring money.

IMG_20191120_121653 IMG_20191120_122021

But toy shops are not just for selling toys, they’re also for making them. And we made some robots and tried our hand at writing instructions about what we did.

IMG_20191120_141106 IMG_20191120_141126 IMG_20191120_141333 IMG_20191120_142834 IMG_20191120_142906

But our robots were naughty and made a mess at the classroom. We practiced instructions some more by telling our robots how to clean up the classroom step by step.

20191121_133843 20191121_134344 20191121_135058

Finally we put all that instruction practice to use and programmed real robots called Bee Bots and gave them directions on how to get from point A to point B on a grid.

20191121_141432 20191121_141546

That’s it for this week. It’s already Monday so I hope you had a great weekend and are well rested.