Term 1 Week 11 Update

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful mid-term break. I’d like to begin by welcoming a new student to our class, Elif Ece in FS1. Elif Ece is from Turkey and brings a unique experience to our already multicultural classroom.


We’re kicking off this half-term with a new IEYC unit: My Toy Shop. We’ll be exploring different kinds of toys, learning to make some of our own toys,  and using toys to facilitate literacy and math skills. To this end, I would like all students to bring their favourite toy to school with them on Tuesday November 11 for a special show and tell. This use of personal toys in the classroom for education is in line with HFS’s Personal Property Policy.

We began our forray into the topic of toys this week finding some boxes left in the classroom and a letter from The Toymaker telling us they had left us in charge of their shop! We took the toys and sorted them into different groups according to different properties.

20191106_134741 20191106_134737 20191106_134751 20191106_135435 20191106_135555

We then made and played with puppets based on our favourite toys.

20191106_144819 20191106_144839

The next day the students arrived in the classroom to find out that the toys were sleeping and we had to be very quiet. We practiced subtraction as we sang “There were 5 in the bed and the little one said, ‘roll over, roll over’. So they all rolled over and one fell out!” And the toys rolled off their bed onto the floor. The children had great fun rolling the toys onto the floor. They then practiced the song using their own bodies as those in the bed and were full of laughter as they each rolled off the pillows onto the floor one by one.

20191107_134549 20191107_134608 20191107_134629 20191107_134818 20191107_135016 20191107_135145

We tested our memories with a game where the students had to remember what toys were on the tray I had placed in front of them and sort out which one had been removed while their eyes were closed. They did wonderfully! We also used our senses and imagination to try to guess which toy was hidden in a fuzzy sock.

20191107_140315 20191108_135845 20191108_140158

IEYC was not the only new unit we started this week. We also began a new Phonics unit. We are working with our letter sound knowledge to identify the initial sound of words. This week’s letters were L and O. In addition to phonics work we have started on sight words. We started with a word all children can recognise but they might not realise what it is. The word is “I”. We will be learning one new word a week in our sight words Word of the Week program.

20191105_111212 20191105_111247 20191106_112045 20191106_112055

In Math we reviewed writing our numbers to 10 while adding 2 numbers together. All the students are showing excellent proficiency with this skill.

IMG_20191106_093339 IMG_20191106_093343 IMG_20191106_093334 IMG_20191106_093324

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!