Term 1 Week 7 Update

Well, we had another week jam-packed with learning despite it being a short week. It really was an exciting time for the students.

In Math, we continued looking at numbers which are one more and one less than a given number. We will continue working on that next week as well.

20191011_093415 20191011_093631 20191011_093655

In phonics, we’ve made it to the letter U. The students are beginning to recognise how close we are to Z and thus, how close our alphabet party is going to be. Just a reminder, our alphabet party is going to be on October 24th. We will have it during the last period of class so from approximately 2:30-3:30. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend. As we enter into our planning phase in this upcoming week I will let you know more solid details before the event.

Speaking of parties, IEYC was tremendously exciting this week. On Tuesday we had a full-day event baking bread.

We began the day going “shopping” for all the items necessary to bake bread. This was the students first attempt at money and they had a good time. We’ll be role playing more money scenarios in the future as this is an essential life and math skill.



Then we made the bread dough. All the children got a chance to kneed the dough.

20191008_114648 20191008_114655

We let the dough rise during lunch and break time so that when the students came back in from their break it was time to bake the bread. The children played quietly while the bread was baking and when it was ready, so were they! We set the table properly with a plate, a folded napkin, and a glass of water. We all sat down together and had a lovely snack of homemade honey bread. The students used their best manners at the table.

KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818_06 KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818_04 KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818_03 KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818_02 KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818_01 KakaoTalk_20191008_143933818

For the entire album of bread party photos (50+ photos), please see my Google Album (set to private and only accessible by this link) here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tcy74PQPZz7FPL3z7

But the bread party was only how we started off the week. We ended by making puppets, trying to be ventriloquists, and trying our hands, or rather our mouths, at some tongue twisters. Can you say “unique New York” three times fast?

20191011_134453 20191011_134459 20191011_134502 20191011_134943 20191011_134527 20191011_135634 20191011_140919 20191011_140927 20191011_140932 IMG_20191011_143102

I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend. We’ll be back and ready to go on Monday!