Term 1 Week 6 Update

Wow, did we ever have an exciting week here in FS 1/2.

We start our day, every day, with a Hello Song, Morning Meeting, Calendar Time, and then some Math. This week in Math we’re working on finding out what is one less than a given number. This is a skill that does not come easily so we will be continuing to work on it as time goes on.

20191002_094201 20191002_094214 20191002_094327 20191002_094340

In phonics we’re continuing to work on our letter sounds. We’re up to the letter R. Z will be here soon and then it’s our alphabet party. The children are getting excited.

In IEYC we began the week talking about our favourite toys. We even began doing some writing about them. Some children used their phonics knowledge and wrote some of their first words this week! What exciting growth.

IMG_20191001_135238_Bokeh IMG_20191001_135311_Bokeh IMG_20191001_135532_Bokeh

Continuing to talk about toys, we watched a clip of Toy Story featuring Mr. Potato Head. Then we all made our own Mr. Potato Heads out of real potatoes!

IMG_20191001_141707 IMG_20191001_143914 IMG_20191001_143922 IMG_20191001_145020

We moved on and began talking about bears. We learned that bears eat many things, not just honey; but the students were still excited to try the honey I bought. Some knew they didn’t like it and chose not to try it and some tried it but weren’t all that impressed. The others loved getting a tiny spoon of something sweet.

20191002_120347 20191002_120406 20191002_120425

Continuing on the bear theme, we discussed the difference between real and fictional bears. The students told me about bears they know in stories and how real bears don’t do things like go to the market. Then we learned what real bears like to do. We learned they live in dens and sleep there all winter long and eat lots of food in the autumn so they can make it through the winter. Then we made our own den with chairs and a sheet and the students spent a good chunk of time engaged in some extremely creative imaginative play involving bears, honey, winter, and a kind man who fed them.

IMG_20191004_140612 IMG_20191004_140721

We’re going to be segueing from what bears eat to how people eat and baking our own bread next week! The ingredients are: flour, honey, milk, yeast, butter, salt, and vegetable oil. If your child cannot eat these foods please let me know before Tuesday.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!