Term 1 Week 5 Update

A little housekeeping before this week’s update:

  1. The order form for winter uniforms went home in your child’s backpack today. To order a winter uniform please return the order form and the fee of 20,000won no later than Friday October 4th.
  2. Earlier this week your child brought home an invitation for our “Alphabet Party” on October 24th. By this day we will have finished learning all the sounds of the alphabet and we want to celebrate it. Additionally, our Exit Point for our IEYC unit on Chattering Children is for the children to host a celebration party with their parents and favourite stuffed animal. You are all welcome to attend. I will give additional information regarding the schedule of this alphabet party as the time draws near.
  3. Next week we will be learning about bears both fictional and real and since bears like to eat honey, I will bring some in on Wednesday October 2nd for the children to taste. If there is some reason your child cannot have honey, please let me know ASAP.

With that, it’s time for this week’s update!

We had an excellent time at the Monet exhibit at the HHI Arts Centre today. The children were able to see real paintings by Monet and also some exciting animated digital art. It was a great, short cultural trip and tied in well with our IEYC unit as we have been looking at some art and trying to recreate it.

20190927_141851 20190927_142025 20190927_142150 20190927_142551 20190927_142712 20190927_142828 20190927_143805 20190927_144757

Speaking of art and IEYC, we looked at the collage artwork of Kurt Schwitters and made our own collages yesterday. I was very impressed with the creativity of the students.

IMG_20190926_135310 IMG_20190926_140153_Bokeh IMG_20190926_140212_Bokeh IMG_20190926_140219_Bokeh IMG_20190926_140350_Bokeh

Mr. Mole didn’t visit us this week in but he did leave us a surprise. First, he hid letters all over the school and we had to match the lowercase letters that we found with the upper case letters on our scavenger sheet. When we finished we came into the classroom and found a package addressed to Ms. M that the students had to unwrap layer by later. In between each layer, Mr. Mole had hidden letters that we needed to identify. Mr. Mole left the rest of the letters with me and we worked on putting them all into alphabetical order. Finally, we opened the package and found our invitation to the Alphabet Party on the 24th of October and we made invitations to invite you too!

IMG_20190924_134512 IMG_20190924_134715 IMG_20190924_134832 IMG_20190924_135140 IMG_20190924_135419 20190924_140436 20190924_140647 20190924_140810 20190924_140921 20190924_142546 20190924_142815 IMG_20190924_144231 IMG_20190924_144238

In Math we worked on “What’s Next” in counting to 10. We rolled a number cube and had to cover up the next number on our cards. We practiced this a few times this week. The students are really gaining strong number sense.

IMG_20190923_093101 IMG_20190923_093111 IMG_20190923_093213

After last week’s picnic with Mr. Mole and encouragement in the weeks before to don hats or costumes to encourage imaginitive play, those themes are showing up spontaneously during developmental play time. The students are also showing their great sorting ability when cleaning up the toys (a math skill!).IMG_20190925_145406 IMG_20190925_150143_Bokeh IMG_20190925_151552

It looks like we’re set to have another rainy weekend so stay dry and we’ll see you next week!