Term 1 Week 4 Update

Well we certainly came back from the break with a bang! I’m very excited to tell you about our new IEYC unit: Chattering Children. It’s all about fostering communication. Guiding us through this unit is our friend Mr. Mole. The children have loved having him teach along side me. We began with the day that we met Mr. Mole by having a scavenger hunt for various things around the classroom because Mr. Mole doesn’t know where anything is. We then looked for our initials hidden in the classroom and made an About Me poster.

20190917_135038 20190917_135436 20190917_135843 20190917_141028 20190917_141310 20190917_141614 20190917_141616

The next day Mr. Mole delivered us some mail. He’s not so great at reading so he delivered the envelopes to the wrong children and they had to sort themselves out and give the envelope they had received to the right child. Inside were little notes of inspiration. Then we made our own envelopes to hold any writing work we’ll be doing in this unit.

20190918_115048 20190918_115224 20190918_115256 20190918_115849 20190918_120158 20190918_120859 IMG_20190918_122259

Mr. Mole surprised us with a picnic where we practiced asking for food politely at the table.

20190918_142903 20190918_142927 20190918_143103 20190918_143401

We got some practice writing letters to each other. Mr. Mole delivered them to the right children this time.

IMG_20190919_140034 IMG_20190919_140026 IMG_20190919_140012 IMG_20190919_135947 20190919_140313 20190919_140116 20190919_140843 20190919_140851

And today we worked on some literacy skills matching animals to their names, learning about animal sounds, and playing an animal letter bingo.

20190920_135329 20190920_135248 20190920_134859 20190920_134206 20190920_140850 20190920_141022


But IEYC isn’t all we’ve been up to! We’re still doing phonics and we covered the letters H-K this week.

In Math we worked on subitizing (recognising instantly groups of numbers) 1-5 and we added 6 today. We do this through song and also through different hands-on games.

20190918_094920 20190918_095101 20190918_095116 20190918_095124 20190918_095207 20190918_095214 20190920_093951 20190920_093359 20190920_093320

For something a little different in PE while the Year 3-9 were away on their field trip, we did some yoga with the Cosmic Kids Yoga program.

20190920_114645 20190920_114309 20190920_114225

And of course we had developmental play time where the students became very interested in building and playing out some familiar scenarios.

IMG_20190917_143615_Bokeh IMG_20190917_143627_Bokeh IMG_20190918_140337_Bokeh IMG_20190918_140357_Bokeh IMG_20190919_094437_Bokeh IMG_20190919_094526_Bokeh IMG_20190919_095138_Bokeh 20190918_121714 20190918_112538