Term 1 Week 2 Update

Well, it certainly was an interesting week here in FS 1/2. With rainy days and a lot of absences, we didn’t have a typical week. We still did lots of rich learning, however.

Continuing in our IEYC unit, Brainwave, Professor Spark sent us some video messages and set us some challenges. We learned about Knowledge, Skills and Understanding and how they come together. Professor Spark promised us some magic in one of his messages and that was shown with our 3D glasses. We also designed our own obstacle course and tried it till we had the skills to do it successfully. Finally today we brought our learning back to thinking about the brain and made a mini-book about what makes a healthy brain.

IMG_20190903_205426 IMG_20190904_144245_Bokeh IMG_20190906_140016_Bokeh IMG_20190906_140219_Bokeh

In our Math we’re expanding beyond simple counting and into subetizing and writing our numbers. Today we played a game where we rolled a number cube, counted the dots, and wrote the corresponding number.

IMG_20190906_092837_Bokeh IMG_20190906_092621 IMG_20190906_093103_Bokeh

In Phonics we continued with our letter sounds, one letter one day at a time. This week we did letters C-F.

IMG_20190905_110537_Bokeh IMG_20190904_110505_Bokeh IMG_20190906_111054_Bokeh

And as always we’re strengthening social emotional learning through developmental play. Some new scenarios played out this week and some familiar ones. Some students are taking on the role of teacher and insisting I sit on the carpet and listen to their lesson. Other times they’re playing firefighter and saving our classroom. And sometimes they’re just stretching their brains by building block towers as high as they can.

IMG_20190906_151044 IMG_20190905_094124_Bokeh IMG_20190904_145218

Don’t forget about our special Chuseok program on Monday and our trip on Tuesday. Clubs will be as normal after those 2 special days and classes and clubs will be as usual on Wednesday before the break.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Try to stay dry! We’ll see you next week!