Term 3 Week 9 Update

Well we’ve almost made it. It’s the end of Week 9 and we’re preparing for the school dance tonight.

Just a reminder that reports went home with your children today. You can sign up for parent teacher conferences using the sign up sheet in the main office. I’m so excited to talk about your child’s progress this year.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to open day. We had an exciting time. The students certainly did love making their bubble art. Learning that’s authentic and, well, messy, is hard to take pictures of so I hope you all have good images in your memories of that day.

Continuing our IPC unit about things that float in the sky we made model hot air balloons today.

IMG_20190621_113215 IMG_20190621_113241 IMG_20190621_113341

We’re continuing with our Phase 2 phonics this week diving in to “Magic E” or “Silent E”. We practiced making the long A and long I sounds by adding E onto the end of words.

IMG_20190618_114748 IMG_20190618_115323 IMG_20190618_115409

In writing we did some more guided writing and we attempted an ambitious writing project where we rolled a die to determine our story elements and then tried to construct a story with them.

IMG_20190618_134715 IMG_20190621_135519

In Math we did a scavenger hunt to find “friends of 10” to review our addition before begining on subtraction. We looked at ways to use manipulatives to subtract and also how to count it out on our fingers.

20190619_144645 20190619_144835 20190621_140701

In PE we used the time to center ourselves from all the year-end energy and did some yoga.

IMG_20190619_113800 IMG_20190619_114246

And we most certainly cannot forget that we started off the week by leading our very own assembly on the topic of Curiosity!


I hope everyone had a great time at the dance. Have a restful weekend. And we’ll see you ready for a jam-packed final week!!