Term 3 Week 7 Update

Well, is it ever good to be back at school. We had a lot of active learning this week. In phonics we reviewed the digraphs we learned over the last couple of weeks as well as introduced the ending digraph “ck”. In Math we continued to work on addition to 10. Going at a slower pace for this unit is really helping the students get a strong number sense. We used math stories and manipulatives like snap cubes and red and yellow counter chips to help the students get a good understanding of the number sets we were working with. We’ll be finishing off addition next week then moving on to subtraction. We started our new IPC topic with an exploration of kites. We made paper plate circle kites and also paper bag kites and took them outside to fly. The students had a great time with that.

20190605_145237 20190605_145359 IMG_20190605_105946 IMG_20190605_110630 IMG_20190605_110819_Bokeh IMG_20190605_111851 IMG_20190606_111246 IMG_20190606_111323 IMG_20190606_120021 IMG_20190606_120116 IMG_20190606_120906 IMG_20190606_121021 IMG_20190606_121026 IMG_20190606_121120IMG_20190606_121301

If you click on the below image, it should be an animation of the children taking off with their kites.