Term 3 Week 4 Update

Here we are at the end of Week 4. Today was an important day here at HFS with our CIS inspection. The students in Ottawa class happily greeted Mr. Eric and were pleased to have him visit us during our story time and our PE time.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in interest during developmental play time. The children have really started noticing all the craft supplies we have around the classroom and wanted to get creative. We played with sequins, Popsicle sticks, coloured paper, and a mess of white glue. The children made some beautiful creations! This creativity hasn’t been limited to just arts and crafts either. There’s been an increased interest in using Lego to create structures and automobiles and imaginative re-purposing of small toys and string as popcorn, pasta, and cake.

IMG_20190514_144036 IMG_20190515_143953 IMG_20190516_143149 IMG_20190516_143709 IMG_20190517_093853 IMG_20190517_093954 IMG_20190517_094654

In Phonics we began looking at digraphs. This week was TH and CH. We made posters with words we knew that had those digraphs, built words with magnets, and practiced our reading with flashcards.

20190515_110501 20190515_110355 20190515_105851

We’ve added some new centres and students are showing their amazing reading development. Each group is moving on to more complex centres.

IMG_20190517_111937 IMG_20190517_111926 IMG_20190517_111046 IMG_20190517_111716 IMG_20190517_111747

We saw the last of our seeds get potted this week and now everyone’s bean is growing. We learned about how we can eat all the different parts of a plant depending on what vegetable it is (did you know broccoli was a flower?) and we learned about the plant life cycle from seed to seedling to sprout to adult plant. All of this was recorded in our lapbooks.

IMG_20190516_121120 IMG_20190516_120557 20190514_134524 20190514_134830

In writing we worked on guided writing and writing from a prompt. The students are making excellent progress.

IMG_20190517_135515 IMG_20190517_135425

In Math, we’re slowly working through addition to 10. These skills need to move a little more slowly so students have a strong base of understanding to help them as they progress through school.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you well-rested on Monday ready for another great week of learning.