Week 3 Update

Here we are at the end of another wonderful week. And what a way to end it – a Green Day cleanup in the park. The students had a great time and especially loved the ice cream at the end.

IMG_20190510_130329 IMG_20190510_132124 IMG_20190510_132144_Bokeh IMG_20190510_132420_Bokeh IMG_20190510_132648 IMG_20190510_144239_01 IMG_20190510_145853_01 IMG_20190510_151738 IMG_20190510_151741

And as we celebrate this wonderful weather, we took advantage of the play structure here at the Hanmaeum Centre for our PE classes this week.

IMG_20190508_115136 IMG_20190510_115839 IMG_20190510_115848

The weather is certainly helping our plants that we’re observing in IPC grow. 4 more seeds were germinated enough to pot as we learned in our observation walk. So, we potted them and they’re being well taken care of.

20190507_111857 20190507_112539 20190507_112936 IMG_20190509_110730

But we’re not just observing plants grow. This week we learned what plants need to grow and about the different parts of a plant and what those parts do. This was recorded in the lapbook we’re making.

IMG_20190507_115632 IMG_20190507_120103  IMG_20190509_113816 IMG_20190509_112943 IMG_20190509_112951

We finished up all our short vowels (finishing with U and a review) this week. I’m so impressed by how well the students can read and write CVC words.

IMG_20190507_111548 IMG_20190507_111306 IMG_20190507_111159

In writing we did a language experienced shared writing. We wrote about our field trip to HHI arts last week. In a shared writing, the students compose the text as a class and I scribe what they say. We also edited the piece. Then, I typed it up, we reviewed it, and we created a poster to publish the piece.

20190507_143531 IMG_20190508_140307

With all this learning we certainly didn’t forget about Parents’ Day on Wednesday. I hope you like the flower art we created for you!

IMG_20190508_105225 IMG_20190508_105340 IMG_20190508_105442 IMG_20190508_105512 IMG_20190508_105744 IMG_20190508_110456

We continued learning math using centres. This week we started addition.

20190507_140240 20190507_134837 20190507_142421

Lots of learning was packed into this short week and there’s more to come next week. Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!