Term 3 Week 2 Update

What a fun week we’ve had! Finally the sun came out and we were able to go outdoors for play. Also the sun is helping our beans germinate. We’ve been looking at our beans and drawing their progress in our seed journal. We’re also observing the beans of all of our friends in the class. One bean was ready to be potted this week so it’s in soil now and growing strong. Hopefully with sun over the weekend even more will be ready next week.

20190430_113650 20190430_113702 20190502_135326 20190502_135535 20190502_135647 IMG_20190503_091017

We also began creating our All About Plants lapbook that we will be adding to as we continue to explore how things grow and the lifecycles of plants.

IMG_20190502_120503_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120948_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120752_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120814_Bokeh

Math centres is proving to be a successful way to teach all the varying levels of math necessary with such a diverse group of children. We have several stations and the children rotate through the stations doing activities targeted to their learning needs.

IMG_20190430_135449_Bokeh IMG_20190430_141129 IMG_20190430_141137 IMG_20190430_141144 IMG_20190430_135335_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134551_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134514_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134504_Bokeh 20190429_144850 20190429_144820 20190429_145348

We focused on the short vowels E and O this week in phonics as we continue making words with our phonics knowledge. I am very impressed with the learning all the children are doing! And of course we balanced our whole-group phonics lessons with targeted centres.

IMG_20190503_111124 IMG_20190503_111013

Today was a very special day as we went to HHI Arts to see a gallery of illustrations by various children’s authors. The students got to participate in some hands-on activities and also tour the gallery.

20190503_141825 20190503_142704 20190503_141707 20190503_135344 20190503_142855

Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you after the break!