Week 11 Update

Wow! Another week is here and gone. We’re nearly at the end of the term. Our learning isn’t slowing down, however.

We’re continuing to alternate phonics and centres. Today was an exciting day: we began guided reading. On Wednesday, I measured all the children’s heights so they could be issued their Guided Reading License (check your child’s backpack, it should have gone home today).


During guided reading, the children stay with their Just Right Groups and come sit with me for small-group, targeted reading lessons. Some groups worked on letter sound and recognition, others worked on identifying rhyme, many learned how to point at each word when they’re reading to learn 1:1 word and print recognition.

IMG_20190322_104755 IMG_20190322_105606_Bokeh IMG_20190322_110721 IMG_20190322_111722 IMG_20190322_112858

During our Writer’s Workshop, we continued on our Storytellers unit and began looking at some of the mechanics of writing. For example, we practiced when to use capital letters when writing.


There was a lot of learning packed into our Math Buddies this week. We learned to skip count by 5’s to 20. We practiced tallying. We counted out 100 objects in groups of 10 to practice counting by 10’s to 100. Finally, we started working on place value. We learned that numbers 21-29 are two tens and some ones. We will continue working on groups of “ten and then some” as we continue with numbers higher than 29 next week. And, of course, we continued to review our teen numbers.

IMG_20190319_135512_Bokeh IMG_20190319_140937 IMG_20190319_140940 IMG_20190320_134612 IMG_20190320_140221 IMG_20190320_141456 IMG_20190320_141908 IMG_20190321_140611_Bokeh IMG_20190321_141431 IMG_20190321_141836_Bokeh IMG_20190322_135031_Bokeh IMG_20190322_140703_Bokeh

In IPC we continued to explore “What’s it Made Of” and examined what happens to different materials when we apply different forces to them. We organised our findings into a report poster.

IMG_20190319_115621 IMG_20190319_121226 20190321_114807 20190321_114946 20190321_115030 IMG_20190321_115912

Building with Lego has become a favourite passtime during developmental play. It helps students with creative thinking, problem solving, and manual dexterity.


As our term comes to a close, so does our Kindness Morning Meetings. The lessons we’ve learned these last 7 weeks have really impacted the class. They are becoming a more empathetic group of children and it’s wonderful to see. This week, we began by visualising how our kind words and actions ripple out into the world. Next week we will review the lessons learned and that will close off the unit. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop learning about kindness or stop having morning meetings however! You can view the teaching plan for next week here: Week 8 kindness project review

20190320_092417 20190320_092451

As always, have a great weekend and we’ll see you refreshed and ready to learn on Monday!