Week 10 Update

Whew, another week is complete. It was great to finish the week off with our Pajamma Day. Congratulations to Olivia who won the school “craziest pajammas” award. We had a full day of learning while feeling comfortable.

We’re continuing to alternate days of phonics and centres. The students still needed some practice working on their centres independently so we will try guided reading again next week. During writer’s workshop, we continued trying to write stories. I’m very impressed by the work the children are doing.

IMG_20190313_104803_Bokeh IMG_20190315_104234_Bokeh IMG_20190315_104413_Bokeh IMG_20190315_110524_Bokeh

In Math Buddies, we’ve moved onto our unit of numbers to 100. We started skip-counting by twos to twenty. Also because our math is a spiral curriculum we also spent time reviewing shapes from last week and teen numbers from our previous unit.


In IPC we continued looking at What’s It Made Of and made a craftivity exploring our favourite object and its materials.


In our Kindness Morning Meetings we finished off the week signing a Friendship Promise which now hangs proudly on our door. Our kindness curriculum is nearing an end with only two weeks to go. Next week we’ll learn about random acts of kindness. You can find the curriculum here: Week 7 random acts of kindness


Have a great weekend and we’ll see everyone back on Monday.