Week 9 Update

Wow we’re back with a bang after the long weekend. What an action-packed week it’s been.

We’re back on track with our Kindness Morning Meetings learning about how to be a good friend. We finished up this week by writing a recipe for making a good friend. Next week we continue looking at how to be a good friend. Here is the curriculum plans: Week 6 to be a good friend


The students were very excited we started our new unit in Writer’s Workshop this week. We are all now officially Storytellers. They were also extremely excited to get lined notebooks in which to do their writing. We’ll be continuing this unit until the end of the term.

IMG_20190307_145056 IMG_20190307_145149

In Math Buddies we finished up our unit on shapes. The students explored triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, and hexagons. To consolidate our knowledge, today we took a walk around the school and found examples of different shapes in the real world.

20190307_135500 IMG_20190308_135933 IMG_20190308_135325 IMG_20190308_135241

We’re continue to alternate phonics days and centres days where the students have activities tailored to their literacy level. Next week we’ll be encorportating guided reading into one of the centres days. Students will be with their Just Right Groups and sit with me to do reading activities that focus on their reading needs.

IMG_20190308_104946 IMG_20190308_110237  IMG_20190308_111510_Bokeh

Speaking of reading, International Book Day was a blast! The students loved dressing up as their favourite book character for the day.


In PE we practiced basketball and hockey for coordination and also worked on balance. We tried a new activity where the students had to walk a path while balancing a beanbag.


We continued learning What’s it Made Of in IPC. Students learned about different materials and classified objects in the classroom that were made of those materials.


We’re looking forward to another great week of learning next week so have a restful weekend!