Week 8 Update

Well it was a short week and we’re having a much-needed midterm break. Because of the short week and listening to the students needs, we will be re-visiting Week 5 of the Kindness Morning Meetings next week so we can have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a good friend.

We worked hard this week on our International Projects and I’m very proud of all the students in our class for presenting at our assembly. Thank you to all the parents who brought in food for the food share. That was amazing. All the students enjoyed trying food from around the world.

IMG_20190228_121412 IMG_20190228_121408 IMG_20190228_121310

We introduced our new IPC topic “What’s it Made Of” by learning about where yarn comes from. The students got to see a video of sheep being sheared and got to try out my spinning wheel. They also got to feel some unspun fleece.

20190226_115022 20190226_115509 20190226_115720 20190226_115833 20190226_115950 20190226_120135 20190226_120235

In literacy we added a new element. We started doing centres. The students are divided into their “Just Right Groups” to work together at phonics and reading activities at their level. We had a stamping station, a tablet station, and a magnet matching station. As the term (and year) goes on, we will also incorporate guided reading where students will practice reading skills in small groups with the teacher according to their individual literacy levels.

IMG_20190227_135615 IMG_20190227_140629 IMG_20190227_140651 IMG_20190227_140748 IMG_20190227_140841 IMG_20190227_141141 IMG_20190227_141152 IMG_20190227_141231

During developmental play we saw lots of team work building block structures, making puzzles, and having imaginative play.

IMG_20190228_094541 IMG_20190228_094453 IMG_20190228_094302 IMG_20190228_093342_Bokeh

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and comes back to school next week refreshed and ready to learn.