Week 5

I hope everyone had a relaxing Seollal break. We’ve done a lot in our short time back.

Much to the students’ delight, we painted our puppet theatre. We’ll be beginning to try to perform our own shows next week.

20190207_113815 20190207_113825 20190207_113831 20190207_113836

In PE we played Walking on Clouds again. The students’ balance is getting better. Then we played a game which doesn’t have a catchy name. The students were divided into two teams. One member from each team started at opposite ends of the hall, jumping into hula hoops. When the opposing team members met they did Rock Paper Scissors. The winner continued advancing to the opposite end of the hall while the student who wasn’t successful when back to the end of their own line and the next person on their team began jumping towards their opponent. We finished up the day by playing a boys against girls game of Mountains and Volcanoes. Each team was either a Mountain or a Volcano and they had to flip small cones to make either a mountain or a volcano. Since we play for the fun of it, there were no winners and losers, just lots of children having fun and developing their motor skills.

20190208_114057 20190208_114932 20190208_115712 20190208_121650 20190208_121701

We studied the letter U in phonics this week.


And in math we continued working on teen numbers. We used our life-size tens frame to help us visualise that teen numbers are a group of 10 plus extras. Since we have less than 10 students in the class we had some of our stuffed friends help us. For our guided and independent practice some students worked on teen numbers while others solidified their knowledge of 1-10.

20190208_134652 20190208_134851 20190208_135625 20190208_135649 20190208_135818 20190208_140722

Next week during our Morning Meetings we will be continuing our Kindness Curriculum. Here is the PDF for next week’s lessons. Week 3 words have power

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday, ready to learn!