Week 4 Update

Another week is here and gone in Ottawa Class. Our Kindness Morning Meetings have continued. We practiced giving compliments to one another. As next week is just a 2-day week we will not follow the kindness curriculum but we will continue to talk about kindness. We’ll start up Week 3 of the Kindness Morning Meetings on our first full week back.

We had our trip to the Dongrami Theatre this week. The students got to look around and see what goes into making a stage play. Then they got to try on some of the costumes and roleplay on the stage.

IMG_20190131_113820 IMG_20190131_114815_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114818_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114821_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114922_Bokeh IMG_20190131_115130 IMG_20190131_120314

Our school’s Seollal celebration was a great day. The students had fun playing traditional games and flying kites.

IMG_20190130_143325 IMG_20190130_143333 IMG_20190130_150709

In IPC we’re working towards having a great collection of homemade puppets and a wonderful puppet theatre. We made sock puppets this week and also made an elaborate structure to do our plays in. Mr. Choi was so kind as to spray it white for us and when we get back, we’ll work on painting and decorating it.

IMG_20190129_110539 IMG_20190130_110046 IMG_20190130_125827 IMG_20190201_141837_Bokeh

In PE we played a new game called Stepping on Clouds which works on balance. Students must hop or step from coloured circle to coloured circle but can’t step on the floor. When the teacher calls “It’s Raining!” they must pick up a paper rain drop from the floor and hop on the circles to give it to the teacher. We also played an old favourite Through the Tunnel, and much to the children’s delight we played with the parachute again.

IMG_20190201_113201 IMG_20190201_113215 IMG_20190201_114454 IMG_20190201_114633 IMG_20190201_120636

In Math Buddies we’re continuing to work with the numbers 10-19. We’re working through the numbers slowly to make sure everyone has a strong grasp. We’re also solidifying 1-10 number sense for those who need the extra practice. We had the Grade 2/3s come in an demonstrate the number 12 on our life-sized tens frame. The class really enjoyed having the friends visit us.

IMG_20190129_141504 IMG_20190129_141508 1548773405908 IMG_20190201_140614_Bokeh IMG_20190201_140623_Bokeh IMG_20190201_140629_Bokeh

Have a wonderful Seollal holiday. We’ll see you after the break!