Week 1 Wrap-Up

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had a relaxing winter break full of joy and happiness no matter what celebrations or traditions your family observes during this period.

I’d like to start with a big welcome to Jisika in FS1 and Minel in FS2. We’re so happy to have them with us.


We’re off to a roaring start this term. You can view our Term 2 Curriculum Planner here.

The students have a renewed passion for phonics. Our phonics work is now being more efficiently differentiated for the different age groups we have in the class. We start with whole-group activities that everyone can participate in then split off into groups. Ms. Jiyu has been working with the FS1 students while I work more closely with the FS2 and Year 1 students.


Our writer’s workshop has seen some great developments with students really using their phonics knowledge to put labels on their illustrations and start to write full words and sentences.

IMG_20190108_140249 IMG_20190108_140242

Math Buddies is continuing our unit on measurement and is also being divided into age-appropriate groups for working.

20190109_150318 20190109_150315

Although some of the children still ask to do yoga, we’ve got a lot going on in PE. We learned the game “Duck Duck Goose”, we started playing some ball hockey, and much to the children’s delight, we’ve introduced the parachute.

IMG_20190111_114153 IMG_20190111_120808

In IPC we’ve started a new unit called Let’s Pretend. The students are being guided to play pretend with traditional stories and tales. We’re using costumes and puppets and we’ve seen some creative adaptations of stories such as Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

20190108_115313IMG_20190108_115500 IMG_20190108_120131 IMG_20190110_113634 IMG_20190110_113637 IMG_20190110_113744 IMG_20190110_114609 IMG_20190111_142032

Much of the dress up costumes we have are old Halloween costumes and we could always use more variety. If you have any old costumes that are no longer needed in your family, we would love to add them to our costume bin. We’ve got a special desire for more princess costumes as we now have a lot of girls in our class.

This emphasis on pretend is also influencing the different ways the children are playing during developmental play time.

IMG_20190110_115953 IMG_20190111_122446 IMG_20190111_095303 IMG_20190111_095241 IMG_20190111_094827 IMG_20190111_094718_Bokeh IMG_20190108_095149_Bokeh IMG_20190108_094431_Bokeh IMG_20190108_094413_Bokeh

Have a restful weekend and see you on Monday!