Week 16 Wrap-up

Winter break is finally here. Our Winter Show on Monday was a great success. I am so pleased with how confidently the children performed their Santa song. I hope you enjoyed watching it.

In IPC we finished up our unit on patterns.

IMG_20181211_114020 IMG_20181211_113857 IMG_20181211_113927 IMG_20181211_113854 IMG_20181211_113846 IMG_20181211_113837

We revisited Writer’s Workshop and the break to do Word Work was a real success. The students are writing more in their journals.


We did more work on measurement in Math Buddies but as mentioned before we’ll be revisiting this unit when school starts back up in the new year.

And of course we had lots of great developmental play time.

IMG_20181211_115930 IMG_20181213_120639 IMG_20181211_112125

Have a great winter break! School starts back up Monday, January 7. Can’t wait to see you all!


Marie McClellan