Week 13 Wrap-up

A quick note about homework before we begin: FS2 and Year 1 brought home literacy homework which involves sight words. Sight words are words that don’t necessarily follow a 1:1 phonics pattern (although lots of them do) but students should be able recognise on sight, not by sounding them out. We are very early into the reading process and students have just been introduced to these words. If your child struggles with this homework, do not worry about it as we will be working with these words more and more in class. Homework is meant to keep learning fresh in their minds, not teach them completely new concepts. However, please communicate with me if you have concerns regarding the difficulty level of the homework.

Speaking of literacy, our phonics program continues as we worked on the letters T and P this week. As always, we focused on these being the initial sound of words. We also worked on blending phonemes which is the academic way to say “stretching out words so we could hear all their sounds individually then putting those words back together.” This activity in phonics is tying in well with Writer’s Workshop where we began our Writing With Sentences unit this week. During our Illustrators unit we had the goals of “I can add details” and “I can label” where students made sure their illustrations were rich with setting and characters and that individual parts of our illustrations had a label, which was usually the first letter of the word. This week we added the goal of “I can use words” and students are beginning to work towards this goal.


Students are also taking a more active interest in the books in our classroom library and are beginning to roleplay reading to each other. There is one very popular alphabet book that all the students love to read.

IMG_20181121_142031 IMG_20181122_095457

In IPC we began our unit on patterns. We experimented with fabric to create patterns (which was also great scissor skills work) and today we took a chilly walk around the school grounds looking for patterns we saw out and about. I took photos of the patterns we saw and we will work with those photos to create a project.

IMG_20181121_140210 IMG_20181121_140439 IMG_20181121_140134 IMG_20181121_140135

During our developmental play time, the students have really been enjoying dressing up from our costume bin and going about the rest of their business. This week there has been witches cooking meals, vampires flying on airplanes, and pirates going shopping. Developmental play time is also seeing some communication and conflict resolution skills being developed.

IMG_20181121_112747 IMG_20181121_115631 IMG_20181122_095506

In PE we’ve been trying some yoga for kids from the Cosmic Kids yoga series. Today we did a yoga workout based on the story of Moana.

IMG_20181123_113844 IMG_20181123_113858 IMG_20181123_114130 IMG_20181123_114205

I am happy to see all the children dressing for the weather. We still have outdoor play during recess and lunch so this is very important as the temperatures continue to drop.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm, and we’ll see you on Monday!


Marie McClellan