Week 11 Update

An exciting and delicious week was had here in Ottawa class. As we continue to explore our senses in our IPC topic “Sensations” we explored our sense of taste. We began by sampling some salt, sugar, a lemon, cilantro, and an orange. There was also a Korean chili pepper on offer but no one took me up on trying that. Everything, including the lemon, was deemed delicious except the cilantro. They didn’t like that one bit. I was very surprised at the children’s love of lemon especially when they all asked for a second piece.

They thought that’s all we were going to do for “taste” so they were in for a wonderful surprise when I brought in my portable oven and all the supplies to make an apple crumble (or apple crunch as it seems to have been named in our class).

IMG_20181107_134432 IMG_20181107_135625 IMG_20181107_140306 IMG_20181107_140823 IMG_20181107_145713 IMG_20181107_145838

The whole class had a wonderful experience smelling and touching all the ingredients and were very pleased with themselves when they tried the final product. Some of them liked the crumble topping, others liked the apples flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. I took a lot of photos and they are viewable on my Google Photo Album which you can access at this link. (The album is not publicly viewable, only those with the link can see it.)

Our Math Buddies are working on comparing numbers 1-10. This week we spent a lot of time on more/less/same. More and same are concepts that all the children understand well, while less is a concept that will need some reinforcement as the rest of this unit goes on. As you have noticed, the Math Buddies aren’t bringing any worksheets home this week. I am finding it more accurate for assessment to have them work through the independent work in class.

IMG_20181105_094804 IMG_20181107_093654

In our Writer’s Workshop we have completed our first unit, “Illustrators? Yes!” and celebrated our learning by illustrating our own story books. In our next 20-day unit we will begin trying to write simple sentences to accompany our illustrations.


This week saw a new friend join us in FS1. Aras has been welcomed into the class and the children are very happy to have a new friend.


Developmental play saw a new roleplay emerge this week. “Watching a movie” involves setting up a pretend computer, lining up chairs, and bringing stuffed animals and toy snacks to all sit together and then discuss what movie is playing.


Some of the students prefer to spend their developmental play time drawing or creating. The students really enjoyed using the leftovers from our sound exploration last week so this week Ms. Jiyu and I have been bringing in paper recyclables to create with.


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week where we’ll be off to our first field trip!


Marie McClellan