Class Trip Information

On Tuesday November 13th the class will take a trip to the new Daewangam Children’s Park. This ties into our IPC unit on Sensations.

This trip will be longer than a half day but not as long as a full day. We will be returning to school by 1:25 and any half-day students who wish to attend can pick up their child at 1:30 at HFS. All students must pack a lunch.

There are a lot sensory activities at the park that we will be taking part in. There is a clay activity, a sand activity, a ball pit, a life-size lego room, and an outdoor play area that involves trampolines. The students are sure to have a great time exploring their senses.

In the post below this there is a permission form. Please sign and return the permission form by Friday. 

Thanks so much,

Marie McClellan