Homework Week 10

Thanks to everyone who has been doing the Math Buddies homework.

This week’s homework has a Math Buddies sheet and also I sent home some post-it notes. I have explained to the children what to do with them but I will offer further explanation here in case I was not clear.

In Writer’s Workshop we have been working on labelling our drawings. To make this concrete, we began by labelling certain items around the classroom.


We then moved on to doing the best we could to label our drawings.

IMG_20181101_101801 IMG_20181101_101822

For Homework, I would like the students to label various items around the house. Because the students have just learned their letter sounds I don’t expect them to be able to fully label these items, just putting the first letter of the word is sufficient. If your child can sound out more of the word, that’s great, but not expected.

If you would like to take photos of these labelled items and email them to me, I’d love to see them. But that is not necessary.