Week 6 Welcome Back!

Honestly it was so great coming back to work this week. I missed the students and I could tell from their interactions, they had really missed each other. Thursday saw a beautiful sunny day to welcome us back. The fall temperatures were perfect for playing outside. The rain today didn’t dull our energy too much.

This short week back also brought us a new student to FS1: Olivia. The whole class was happy to have a new friend come join us.


We only learned one new letter sound this week: the letter N. Our first day back was spent reviewing the 13 letters we already knew.


We’ve started a new month on our calendar and thanks to David we’re learning a new Months of the Year song. Our math program will be expanding starting next week and we’ll be focussing on the numbers 1 – 5. Instead of doing a usual 10 day unit, we will be covering these numbers in 5 days as we have focussed on them a lot during our calendar time so this will largely be a review. Also, this marks the beginning of a transition away from as much developmental play and into more guided academics. This will be a gentle transition and our day will still have a lot of play.

This week also saw us wrapping up our IPC “Who Am I?” Unit. To cap off the unit we made a time capsule that we will look at again just before we break for the summer holidays. The students decorated our time capsule with coloured paper, sequins, stickers, pompoms, pasta, googly eyes, and more! Then they all drew and decorated a special picture of something they wanted to remember our class by and we sealed it up in the capsule.

IMG_20181004_140234 IMG_20181005_135406

Next week we begin our new IPC unit called Sensations, where we will be exploring our 5 senses. Our intro to the topic will be a 5 senses based exploration of popcorn. As one of the senses is taste, we will be eating the popcorn. If there are any allergy or dietary concerns that I do not know about that would impact your child and this lesson, please let me know ASAP so I can plan an alternate lesson. I will be making the popcorn in an air popper so there is no oil involved. Also I will not be dressing the popcorn (no butter, no salt). The only thing we will be eating is popped corn. This lesson is planned for Tuesday. (Please don’t mention this to your child as I want it to be a surprise to “hook” them into the topic).

The rainy weather didn’t keep our energy too low for PE class. We learned great new games and had a very active time.

20181005_120313 20181005_114546 20181005_115907

But we were pretty tuckered out afterwards.


Have a great weekend, stay dry, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


Marie McClellan