Week 3 Wrap Up

Another successful week here in Ottawa Class.

We had a quiet day on Monday while all the other students in the school were off on their first field trip. The children can’t wait to be old enough to join them. But don’t worry, we will have age-appropriate field trips throughout the year. They had a great time in the library, however, and were excited to take out their first books from the library. Please remember to return the books on Monday. Then can then take out new books.


The school turtles arrived in our class on Monday as well and the students have been taking turns feeding them all week.


I am pleased to see how motivated to learn and write the alphabet the students have become. Over the weekend I enlisted the help of my 6’5″ (196cm) husband to put up some of the high displays that were lacking in the class and the class was greeted with a colourful alphabet above the whiteboard. They noticed immediately and began to sing the alphabet song! In phonics this week we introduced the letters E-I but that didn’t stop the children from wanting to write all the letters in the alphabet on their white boards. With the use of our alphabet mat that we can bring down to the table, or just looking up at the display, many students practiced writing.

IMG_20180911_145307 IMG_20180912_142018 IMG_20180913_111021 IMG_20180913_111220

The students have also begun to notice some of the alphabet educational toys available for them to play with and are choosing those over the usually-favoured kitchen.

IMG_20180911_112507 IMG_20180911_112503

With a wide variety of learning activities the students have a rich play life where they act out scenes from life and learn social rules, new vocabulary, motor skills, and how the world works.

IMG_20180914_142541 IMG_20180913_122415

We introduced some new games into PE. The students still love playing Red Light/Green Light but this week we added a balloon bouncing game called HAPPY (a variation on the ball game HORSE) and Through The Tunnel where students take turns crawling through the legs of their classmates all the way from one side of the hall to the other.

20180912_115443 20180912_114346

In IPC we continued on our theme of Who Am I? Exploring a sense of ourselves. If you haven’t yet, please email me some photos of your child as a baby and the rest of your family so we can continue making our Who Am I? autobiographical books. Details can be found in the post I wrote earlier this week (link).

IMG_20180912_144257 IMG_20180912_144303

Have a great weekend. More learning awaits next week!


Marie McClellan