Week 4 News and Farewell to Hidayat

Year 1 Spelling:  grow  slow   cow   now   down   which   their   said    if     do

Year 2 Spelling: glossary, definition, divide, bobsleigh, mentor, without, once,

life, took, four

Dear Parents and Children,

Another week has past us by and learning continues in the Year 1 and 2 classes. Sadly, we must bid farewell to Hidayat this week. He has been a lively member of the year 1 class and he will be missed. We wish him and his family happiness and prosperity in the future. Our Volunteer teaching assistant is also leaving. Thank you Mr Park, you were here briefly but you made an impression on the students and staff. Thank you for volunteering your services.

It was a short due to the unexpected inconvenience of the water supply but the learning continued. In English we made progress in understanding explanation texts, the year 2’s created their own glossaries. In Math we looked at place value of units, tens and hundreds for the Year 2’s. We enjoyed some interactive and hands on games to reinforce our understanding. In IPC we continued our exploration of Olympic symbols by creating our own Olympic ring displays. They are very impressive.

Another exciting development is that we have introduced a mentoring program at HFS where senior students can mentor the junior students and Teachers will mentor the senior students. The groups will meet weekly to chat and offer assistance and guidance as needed. It promises to be a rewarding initiative at HFS.

Thank you and have a warm, wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You




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