Farewell to Nuha, IPC requirement and Weekly News

Dear Parents and Children,

The spelling for next week:

Year 1: bag   bed   sit   hop   hug  (CVC words)

be   this   from   I   have (High frequency words)

We are starting to feel the Winter chill but kept warm with loads of activities. In English we started creating our own instructions and in Math we did a lot of measuring. I.P.C. was a continuation of “The Magic Toy-maker” unit and in P.E. our ball control skills are improving. I’m happy to inform you that the Winter Show practice is going really well. Please enjoy the pictures of your children learning, laughing and loving. Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.

Today was our friend, Nuha’s final day at HFS . We are very sad to loose her as we worked and played together often and she will be missed by us all.

We wish Nuha and her family all the best in their new settings.


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