High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words mat for home use

Year 1 children will take the High Frequency Words mat home today. Place/stick on somewhere your child can see them well and regularly.

The first 300 words make up 75% of all English writing.

Throughout the year we will be learning these words (to read and spell 10 words a week) and consolidating those that we may already know.  These words will also become a central part of your child’s weekly homework. (10 words a week starting from 1 of the first 100 words)

Put these words up around home and if you have any spare time ask your child to read and/or spell them to you. (no more than 10 words a week)

Once your child can read and write most of these words, it will make reading and writing easier for them (by the end of Year 2).

However, please do not get stressed if you children cannot read or write many out of these 300 words. Year 1 is learning the first 100 words (reading and spelling) and Year 2 is about 200 depending on their abilities and amount of time they started learning English.

Remember, if your child is pushed and stressed too much about remembering words, they will hate English. Whenever you have time, just have fun in reading/or spelling a few of these words at a time (less than 10 minutes at one time)