Year 1/2 first day at school and more information

Dear Parents and Students of Year One and Two,

I was very glad to have the most of the new and returning Year 1/2 students in my class today. We had very pleasant first day. Although it was a long day at school for young learners, the most of the children seem happy and settling well already. I have my good feelings that this academic year will be filled with lots of exciting, fun and meaningful learning. Please read below to ensure that the children have everything they need in school for each day.

  1. Book bags – will be provided soon and children should bring them to school every day.
  2. Sports kit: The children should come to school in their sport gear, ready for PE lessons on PE days (Tuesday and Friday: a pair of trainers, shorts and a PE shirt)
  3. Water bottle: filled with fresh water to bring in to school every day.  
  4. Snack – am and pm healthy snacks if required.
  5. Lunch – must come in mornings, otherwise write a note to Ms You.
  6. Homework – starts after Chusok. The contents will always be Literacy and Numeracy and occasionally other subjects included when relevant.
  7. Library books – on Tuesdays. No book, no change. 10,000 KRW will be charge for misplacing or damaging books.
  8. Uniform – must be worn on trip or official photos days.
  9. Spare pair of pants and socks for accidents.


Thank you.