Term 1 Week 14 Update

Wow we’re heading into the home stretch but we’re still starting new things. In phonics this week we worked on the letters P and A and our word of the week was “a”. You will have noticed that in your child’s homework folder there are two reading books. These are to help practice our words of the week. Two books will be going home each week in their homework folder from now on. Some of the class is already reading more complex books than the ones I have sent home. Please be patient as I make level-appropriate books for them to read. This is an ongoing project and I hope to have Just Right Readers at your child’s appropriate level by the beginning of Term 2.

We continued exploring toys and toy shops in IEYC this week. We set up our own toy shop, made shopping lists, and then used money to buy items in our shop. The students had a fun experience shopping.

20191127_135458 20191127_134847 20191127_134804 20191127_134722 20191127_134633 20191127_134621

We also looked at zoetropes. A zoetrope is a pre-film animation tool that allows the observer to experience moving pictures. We had a great time looking at all the animations last year’s Y2/3 class did and made some of our own.

20191128_140345 20191128_135839 20191128_135702 20191128_135657

And of course with the Winter Show coming up we’ve been hard at work practicing our song and we also started on our holiday craft. The students will be keen for you to buy one the night of the show.

20191129_135419 20191129_135426 20191129_135751 20191129_140529

That’s all for this week. Stay warm, have a restful weekend, and we’ll see you Monday!

Term 1 Week 13 Update

Please accept my apologies for this very late update. I was unfortunately very ill on Friday when the updates usually go out.

As we near the end of the term, it doesn’t mean our learning is slowing down. If anything it’s picking up! We learned a lot this week including the letter T in our phonics program and our word of the week, “The”. We worked hard on subitizing numbers to 10 in Math. And as always our Toy Shop was up and running in IEYC. Not to mention our trip to the Ulsan Toy Library.

The students had a blast on our trip to the Toy Library. They got to play with a lot of exciting toys that we don’t have in the classroom and it really helped their social skills regarding sharing and taking turns. To see the full set of photos at the Toy Library, please check out the Google Album (private link) here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UcbKZKLwFgPrcppq6

20191119_103442 20191119_104646 20191119_110241 IMG_20191119_104331 IMG_20191119_104853 IMG_20191119_104948 IMG_20191119_110650

Our students have been very enterprising with their Toy Shop in the classroom and began exploring money.

IMG_20191120_121653 IMG_20191120_122021

But toy shops are not just for selling toys, they’re also for making them. And we made some robots and tried our hand at writing instructions about what we did.

IMG_20191120_141106 IMG_20191120_141126 IMG_20191120_141333 IMG_20191120_142834 IMG_20191120_142906

But our robots were naughty and made a mess at the classroom. We practiced instructions some more by telling our robots how to clean up the classroom step by step.

20191121_133843 20191121_134344 20191121_135058

Finally we put all that instruction practice to use and programmed real robots called Bee Bots and gave them directions on how to get from point A to point B on a grid.

20191121_141432 20191121_141546

That’s it for this week. It’s already Monday so I hope you had a great weekend and are well rested.

Term 1 Week 12 Update

Wow! There is a chill in the air and I am reminded that the Winter Show is just around the corner. We began learning our song this week, “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”. We’ll have lots of practice time at school to prepare for the show but I know sometimes the children might want to practice at home. I have sent the lyrics to the song home in their homework folder and this is a YouTube video of the song they can sing along to. This is by no means mandatory.

The students sure had fun exploring toys this week. They loved bringing in their toys for show and tell and playing with them that day. The students who didn’t bring in a toy chose their favourite toy from the classroom to use exclusively that day so no one missed out. The toys did go missing for a while so we practiced describing our toys and writing descriptions while making a missing poster for the toys that had gone AWOL. Then we hunted around the classroom and found them so we could play some more.

IMG_20191112_113827 IMG_20191112_113858_Bokeh IMG_20191112_113923_Bokeh IMG_20191112_114012_Bokeh IMG_20191112_114117_Bokeh IMG_20191112_114251_Bokeh 20191112_142145 IMG_20191112_120004

We read a story about a bear at a toy shop that had gone on an adventure. So, we took our own Cutie Bear and took it on an adventure around the school. We snapped photos and then all made our own storybooks about Cutie Bear’s adventures. The students are really enjoying this exploration into writing. Everyone is writing on their own level with some students making marks to some beginning to write sentences. All students assign meaning to their writing which is exactly what is to be expected at this developmental stage.

IMG_20191113_141508_Bokeh IMG_20191113_141514_Bokeh IMG_20191113_141530_Bokeh IMG_20191113_142305 IMG_20191113_142356_Bokeh IMG_20191113_142408_Bokeh IMG_20191113_142423_Bokeh

Every day we have a time where we practice silent reading and usually I follow that up by reading them a story. The students have begun role-playing reading stories to the class. It’s wonderful to watch.


Our theme of this IEYC unit is My Toy Shop. During developmental play time the students began playing a toy shop. Later in the week we introduced money to the toy shop. We’ll be continuing this play as time goes on.


Today we read a story about Stanley’s Stick and we learned that anything we want can be a toy if we use our imaginations. While we were playing with our sticks, Ms. Yujin brought us a top secret message left by a “funny little man” addressed to FS 1/2. Turns out it was our secret mission to use the craft supplies on hand to create our own imaginative toys.

20191115_135324 20191115_135506 20191115_135516 20191115_135548 20191115_135945 20191115_140300 20191115_140532 20191115_140816 20191115_140830 20191115_140839

We’re continuing our phonics and word of the week. This week was the beginning sounds G and H and the word “my”.

IMG_20191112_111503_Bokeh IMG_20191112_111514_Bokeh IMG_20191112_111520_Bokeh IMG_20191112_111537_Bokeh IMG_20191112_111542_Bokeh IMG_20191113_112853_Bokeh

We also had our first of a series of safety lessons. We learned from Spike the Porcupine about what was and wasn’t safe for us to eat, taste, or smell. We also learned who we should ask if something was OK to eat and who to tell or call if someone we know has ingested something they’re not supposed to.

20191114_141010 20191114_142006 20191114_141902 20191114_141428 20191114_141142 20191114_141054

Well, that’s all for this week. Have a great weekend; stay warm; and we’ll see you next week ready to learn!


Ulsan Toy Library Permission Form

On Tuesday, November 19th we will be visiting the Ulsan Toy Library to continue in our exploration of toys in our My Toy Shop IEYC unit. We will leave the school at 10am and return before lunch time. Please pack your child’s snack, lunch, and water bottle as normal for the day. To give permission for your child to attend this trip, please fill out the permission form here: https://forms.gle/VH2Rk8k3yBnjjg1h9 by Friday, November 15th.

Term 1 Week 11 Update

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful mid-term break. I’d like to begin by welcoming a new student to our class, Elif Ece in FS1. Elif Ece is from Turkey and brings a unique experience to our already multicultural classroom.


We’re kicking off this half-term with a new IEYC unit: My Toy Shop. We’ll be exploring different kinds of toys, learning to make some of our own toys,  and using toys to facilitate literacy and math skills. To this end, I would like all students to bring their favourite toy to school with them on Tuesday November 11 for a special show and tell. This use of personal toys in the classroom for education is in line with HFS’s Personal Property Policy.

We began our forray into the topic of toys this week finding some boxes left in the classroom and a letter from The Toymaker telling us they had left us in charge of their shop! We took the toys and sorted them into different groups according to different properties.

20191106_134741 20191106_134737 20191106_134751 20191106_135435 20191106_135555

We then made and played with puppets based on our favourite toys.

20191106_144819 20191106_144839

The next day the students arrived in the classroom to find out that the toys were sleeping and we had to be very quiet. We practiced subtraction as we sang “There were 5 in the bed and the little one said, ‘roll over, roll over’. So they all rolled over and one fell out!” And the toys rolled off their bed onto the floor. The children had great fun rolling the toys onto the floor. They then practiced the song using their own bodies as those in the bed and were full of laughter as they each rolled off the pillows onto the floor one by one.

20191107_134549 20191107_134608 20191107_134629 20191107_134818 20191107_135016 20191107_135145

We tested our memories with a game where the students had to remember what toys were on the tray I had placed in front of them and sort out which one had been removed while their eyes were closed. They did wonderfully! We also used our senses and imagination to try to guess which toy was hidden in a fuzzy sock.

20191107_140315 20191108_135845 20191108_140158

IEYC was not the only new unit we started this week. We also began a new Phonics unit. We are working with our letter sound knowledge to identify the initial sound of words. This week’s letters were L and O. In addition to phonics work we have started on sight words. We started with a word all children can recognise but they might not realise what it is. The word is “I”. We will be learning one new word a week in our sight words Word of the Week program.

20191105_111212 20191105_111247 20191106_112045 20191106_112055

In Math we reviewed writing our numbers to 10 while adding 2 numbers together. All the students are showing excellent proficiency with this skill.

IMG_20191106_093339 IMG_20191106_093343 IMG_20191106_093334 IMG_20191106_093324

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!