Week 12 Update

Another week has come and gone. We’ve nearly made it to the end!

Many of our units are beginning to wrap up. Our Kindness Morning Meeting curriculum has come to a close with a reminder that just because we’re not talking about kindness every day doesn’t mean we stop being kind. Kindness is part of our everyday lives here at HFS and at home.

We have two initial sounds left in our phonics curriculum. As such, we will not be doing centres or guided reading next week. In the new term we will begin a new phonics unit and continue to rotate it with centres and guided reading. I’m excited to see the students growing already with this targeted learning.

A couple weeks ago, we initiated something new called Fast Finishers. The students now have a workbook of literacy exercises they can work on when they finish their work early. These workbooks are different depending on each child’s literacy needs. Sometimes the students still have the opportunity to explore books silently and sometimes they work on their Fast Finishers. Speaking of exploring books, I placed the two books our class made during Term One into our class library and the students really love reading them.

IMG_20190326_112442 IMG_20190326_112421 IMG_20190326_150357

As our IPC unit begins to wrap up, we will be adding another homemade book to our collection. As a consolidation of learning, we had a little friend named Mr. Mole come visit our class. Mr. Mole doesn’t like the sun and was in need of a sunhat. The students used their knowledge of different materials to design a hat that would keep the sun out of Mr. Mole’s eyes. We even went outside and tested our hats on a sunny day. I took lots of photos and we collected them to make a book. We will be presenting this book at the final assembly. Mr. Mole will probably make an appearance.

20190326_114826 20190326_115722 20190326_115829 20190327_104932 20190327_105024 20190327_105225 20190327_105418 20190327_105309

In PE we played a few new games. We played a parachute game called Cat and Mouse where one student (the mouse) crawled under the parachute while another student (the cat) crawled on top trying to catch the mouse. The other students in the class made the parachute wave up and down giving the mouse plenty of places to hide. We introduced a new game of tag where the person being chased got a 5 second respite if they stepped inside one of the hula hoops placed around the floor. Since last term we’ve been trying a teamwork exercise where the students hold hands and pass a hula hoop around the circle, up and over their bodies, without breaking hands. I began timing the students last week and we started with a time of 1 minute 19 seconds. Today we had our best time yet of 37 seconds. We also worked on coordination and teamwork by playing Carry the Ball in Pairs. The students couldn’t use their hands and had to press the ball between their bodies in any number of ways to carry it across the hall. They had great fun.

20190327_115347 IMG_20190327_115040 IMG_20190327_115127 20190327_114215 20190327_121107 20190327_120755

During math we worked with some pretty high numbers. The students were excited to show that they could count by twos to twenty without looking at the number line and most of them could count by fives all the way to 100! We spent a lot of time placing higher numbers in order and we even made a 100s chart which is now hanging on the wall.

20190327_135140 20190327_135305 IMG_20190327_141053 20190329_135946 20190329_141258 20190329_141429

Our play dough stock has been replenished so the students were excited to use that during some of their developmental play time. The students are still playing many types of make believe situations with family and home life often being the centre of the play right now.

IMG_20190326_094859 IMG_20190327_143547_Bokeh IMG_20190327_143559_Bokeh

Our storytellers unit is coming to a close. We learned how to extend our stories by asking the 5 W’s (Who? What? Where? Why? When?). Next week we will focus on making sure our stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We will finish by making small storybooks. I am please with what all the children can do so far.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for one last week before the break!

Week 11 Update

Wow! Another week is here and gone. We’re nearly at the end of the term. Our learning isn’t slowing down, however.

We’re continuing to alternate phonics and centres. Today was an exciting day: we began guided reading. On Wednesday, I measured all the children’s heights so they could be issued their Guided Reading License (check your child’s backpack, it should have gone home today).


During guided reading, the children stay with their Just Right Groups and come sit with me for small-group, targeted reading lessons. Some groups worked on letter sound and recognition, others worked on identifying rhyme, many learned how to point at each word when they’re reading to learn 1:1 word and print recognition.

IMG_20190322_104755 IMG_20190322_105606_Bokeh IMG_20190322_110721 IMG_20190322_111722 IMG_20190322_112858

During our Writer’s Workshop, we continued on our Storytellers unit and began looking at some of the mechanics of writing. For example, we practiced when to use capital letters when writing.


There was a lot of learning packed into our Math Buddies this week. We learned to skip count by 5’s to 20. We practiced tallying. We counted out 100 objects in groups of 10 to practice counting by 10’s to 100. Finally, we started working on place value. We learned that numbers 21-29 are two tens and some ones. We will continue working on groups of “ten and then some” as we continue with numbers higher than 29 next week. And, of course, we continued to review our teen numbers.

IMG_20190319_135512_Bokeh IMG_20190319_140937 IMG_20190319_140940 IMG_20190320_134612 IMG_20190320_140221 IMG_20190320_141456 IMG_20190320_141908 IMG_20190321_140611_Bokeh IMG_20190321_141431 IMG_20190321_141836_Bokeh IMG_20190322_135031_Bokeh IMG_20190322_140703_Bokeh

In IPC we continued to explore “What’s it Made Of” and examined what happens to different materials when we apply different forces to them. We organised our findings into a report poster.

IMG_20190319_115621 IMG_20190319_121226 20190321_114807 20190321_114946 20190321_115030 IMG_20190321_115912

Building with Lego has become a favourite passtime during developmental play. It helps students with creative thinking, problem solving, and manual dexterity.


As our term comes to a close, so does our Kindness Morning Meetings. The lessons we’ve learned these last 7 weeks have really impacted the class. They are becoming a more empathetic group of children and it’s wonderful to see. This week, we began by visualising how our kind words and actions ripple out into the world. Next week we will review the lessons learned and that will close off the unit. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop learning about kindness or stop having morning meetings however! You can view the teaching plan for next week here: Week 8 kindness project review

20190320_092417 20190320_092451

As always, have a great weekend and we’ll see you refreshed and ready to learn on Monday!


100 Objects for Math

In Math Buddies we are working in depth with the numbers to 100. To this end, each student will be counting 100 objects on Thursday.

Please send your child to school with 100 small objects on Thursday March 21st.

These objects can be:

  • paper clips
  • bottle caps
  • stones
  • pompoms
  • beans

Those are just some suggestions. Any small object will do.

Unless you indicate you do not want the items returned, they will be returned when our unit is complete.

Week 10 Update

Whew, another week is complete. It was great to finish the week off with our Pajamma Day. Congratulations to Olivia who won the school “craziest pajammas” award. We had a full day of learning while feeling comfortable.

We’re continuing to alternate days of phonics and centres. The students still needed some practice working on their centres independently so we will try guided reading again next week. During writer’s workshop, we continued trying to write stories. I’m very impressed by the work the children are doing.

IMG_20190313_104803_Bokeh IMG_20190315_104234_Bokeh IMG_20190315_104413_Bokeh IMG_20190315_110524_Bokeh

In Math Buddies, we’ve moved onto our unit of numbers to 100. We started skip-counting by twos to twenty. Also because our math is a spiral curriculum we also spent time reviewing shapes from last week and teen numbers from our previous unit.


In IPC we continued looking at What’s It Made Of and made a craftivity exploring our favourite object and its materials.


In our Kindness Morning Meetings we finished off the week signing a Friendship Promise which now hangs proudly on our door. Our kindness curriculum is nearing an end with only two weeks to go. Next week we’ll learn about random acts of kindness. You can find the curriculum here: Week 7 random acts of kindness


Have a great weekend and we’ll see everyone back on Monday.


Week 9 Update

Wow we’re back with a bang after the long weekend. What an action-packed week it’s been.

We’re back on track with our Kindness Morning Meetings learning about how to be a good friend. We finished up this week by writing a recipe for making a good friend. Next week we continue looking at how to be a good friend. Here is the curriculum plans: Week 6 to be a good friend


The students were very excited we started our new unit in Writer’s Workshop this week. We are all now officially Storytellers. They were also extremely excited to get lined notebooks in which to do their writing. We’ll be continuing this unit until the end of the term.

IMG_20190307_145056 IMG_20190307_145149

In Math Buddies we finished up our unit on shapes. The students explored triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, and hexagons. To consolidate our knowledge, today we took a walk around the school and found examples of different shapes in the real world.

20190307_135500 IMG_20190308_135933 IMG_20190308_135325 IMG_20190308_135241

We’re continue to alternate phonics days and centres days where the students have activities tailored to their literacy level. Next week we’ll be encorportating guided reading into one of the centres days. Students will be with their Just Right Groups and sit with me to do reading activities that focus on their reading needs.

IMG_20190308_104946 IMG_20190308_110237  IMG_20190308_111510_Bokeh

Speaking of reading, International Book Day was a blast! The students loved dressing up as their favourite book character for the day.


In PE we practiced basketball and hockey for coordination and also worked on balance. We tried a new activity where the students had to walk a path while balancing a beanbag.


We continued learning What’s it Made Of in IPC. Students learned about different materials and classified objects in the classroom that were made of those materials.


We’re looking forward to another great week of learning next week so have a restful weekend!


Week 8 Update

Well it was a short week and we’re having a much-needed midterm break. Because of the short week and listening to the students needs, we will be re-visiting Week 5 of the Kindness Morning Meetings next week so we can have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a good friend.

We worked hard this week on our International Projects and I’m very proud of all the students in our class for presenting at our assembly. Thank you to all the parents who brought in food for the food share. That was amazing. All the students enjoyed trying food from around the world.

IMG_20190228_121412 IMG_20190228_121408 IMG_20190228_121310

We introduced our new IPC topic “What’s it Made Of” by learning about where yarn comes from. The students got to see a video of sheep being sheared and got to try out my spinning wheel. They also got to feel some unspun fleece.

20190226_115022 20190226_115509 20190226_115720 20190226_115833 20190226_115950 20190226_120135 20190226_120235

In literacy we added a new element. We started doing centres. The students are divided into their “Just Right Groups” to work together at phonics and reading activities at their level. We had a stamping station, a tablet station, and a magnet matching station. As the term (and year) goes on, we will also incorporate guided reading where students will practice reading skills in small groups with the teacher according to their individual literacy levels.

IMG_20190227_135615 IMG_20190227_140629 IMG_20190227_140651 IMG_20190227_140748 IMG_20190227_140841 IMG_20190227_141141 IMG_20190227_141152 IMG_20190227_141231

During developmental play we saw lots of team work building block structures, making puzzles, and having imaginative play.

IMG_20190228_094541 IMG_20190228_094453 IMG_20190228_094302 IMG_20190228_093342_Bokeh

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and comes back to school next week refreshed and ready to learn.