Week 7 Update

We made it! Tuesday was our hundredth day here at HFS!


Counting to the hundredth day of school is a great way for students to learn their numbers in the early years. It was extra special this year – marking 100 days at our new campus. Our class had a great Hundred Day party. We dressed like we were 100 years old. We made crowns. We put 100 stamps into a booklet. We made necklaces with 100 Froot Rings. The whole day was a celebration of the number 100. I took a lot of photos so the entire Google Album can be seen here.

IMG_20190219_103935 IMG_20190219_104401 IMG_20190219_105212 IMG_20190219_112216 IMG_20190219_113136 IMG_20190219_120435_Bokeh IMG_20190219_120614_Bokeh IMG_20190219_121831_Bokeh IMG_20190219_122037_Bokeh IMG_20190219_122045_Bokeh IMG_20190219_135453_Bokeh IMG_20190219_135629 IMG_20190219_140841 IMG_20190219_141950 IMG_20190219_145536

This celebration of 100 has even shown itself later this week during developmental play time where some students are starting to take our daily math routines and practice them on our own. Ezra was very proud to show me he did a tally chart to count 100.


There’s been lots of development in our developmental play time. The students are beginning to act out family scenes with different friends taking on the role of Mommy, Daddy, Sister, and Brother. Other students are starting to show an interest in cutting and pasting and colouring. There’s been some really creative things made such as Aras’s dragon and dinosaur.


A lot of development is being seen in our Writer’s Workshop with students really trying their best to write words, sentences, and stories to accompany their illustrations. It’s been fantastic to see a connection between our phonics work and our writing work.


Part of what we do in phonics is break apart words to hear their individual sounds. Today we represented sounds in words with snap cubes and looked for the middle sound of the word. The students had a try at it themselves.


Math Buddies is moving away from learning new numbers (although we still spend time reviewing) to studying shapes. We began with 3D shapes. We’re learning about cubes, cylinders, spheres, and cones. This is tricky new vocabulary for second language learners so please try to reinforce this at home. We worked with some real-life objects such as a party hat, a box, a can of stewed tomatoes, and a ball to show that these words can describe the shape of real-life objects so the students are familiar with that concept.

IMG_20190221_135051_Bokeh IMG_20190222_145854 IMG_20190222_145907

When the Year 2-9s were away on their trip on Thursday, we used the playground equipment during our snack and lunch breaks. The students had great fun playing on the structure.

IMG_20190221_102655 IMG_20190221_102703 IMG_20190221_103038 IMG_20190221_103117

Our Kindness Morning Meetings are continuing. Sometimes I wonder if the students are understanding the concepts we discuss because it’s not immediately apparent in the meetings but during the day I see them using language and concepts we’re learned. Next week’s curriculum can be found here: Week 5 to be a good friend

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!


Week 6

It was our first full week back to school since the Seollal break and it was a cold and wet one. The children didn’t get a lot of outside play time this week because of the weather so they were little bundles of energy in class. The weather forecast for the weekend looks good so if you have the opportunity to go outside and play, please take advantage of it.

This coming Monday the 18th, Ottawa Class will be in charge of the Monday assembly for the first time this year. Our topic is “A Day in the Life of FS1/2/Y1”. If you can, please come watch our assembly Monday at 1:30.

Tuesday, February 19th is our 100th day of school. The students have been anticipating this for quite some time (they really started to see how close we were around Day 80). I’ve promised them a 100 Day party. To help celebrate our 100 Days I would like to ask students to come dressed up as what they think they’ll look like when they’re 100 years old. There are no wrong answers, so have fun!

We had an exciting time this week with lots of great learning. The students finished their IPC unit trying to do small puppet shows with the theatre we made and generally having fun with their sock puppets.

IMG_20190212_112833 IMG_20190212_112508 IMG_20190212_112435 IMG_20190212_112359 IMG_20190212_11223820190212_113211

In Math we’ve almost finished off teen numbers. We’ll be finishing 19 on Monday afternoon then moving on to 2D and 3D shapes. To help conceptualise that teen numbers are “ten plus some more” we used a kind of abacus called a rekenrek. It really helped some of the students who were struggling and solidified knowledge for those who understood the concepts.

20190212_140352 20190212_140400IMG_20190213_140046

Much to the children’s enjoyment, we’ve started back with our Writer’s Workshop. This week we focused on where and when to use capital letters. I’m very excited to see the FS1 students start to label their illustrations consistently with the first letter of things in their drawings. I’m also excited to see the FS2 and Year 1 students write words and sentences consistently.

20190212_144952 20190212_145032 20190212_145043 IMG_20190213_144900

Ottawa class was a little blue to see I had brought baking supplies in for the student council and not for them. Due to a little cookie cooking disaster that night, we were in need of many more cookies for our Valentines Day bake sale. So, I brought in supplies and my oven and the children had fun making chocolate chunk cookies. They weren’t all that impressed that they had to wait till the following day to eat the fruits of their labour but they did enjoy all the treats at the bake sale. Thank you so much to all the parents who sent money with their children. The school raised 164,000won for the WeHope Charity.

20190213_105249 20190213_105134 20190213_105056 20190213_104729 20190213_104623 20190213_104610 20190213_105717 20190213_105754 20190213_110426 20190213_110455 20190213_110653

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back for some excellent learning next week!



Week 5

I hope everyone had a relaxing Seollal break. We’ve done a lot in our short time back.

Much to the students’ delight, we painted our puppet theatre. We’ll be beginning to try to perform our own shows next week.

20190207_113815 20190207_113825 20190207_113831 20190207_113836

In PE we played Walking on Clouds again. The students’ balance is getting better. Then we played a game which doesn’t have a catchy name. The students were divided into two teams. One member from each team started at opposite ends of the hall, jumping into hula hoops. When the opposing team members met they did Rock Paper Scissors. The winner continued advancing to the opposite end of the hall while the student who wasn’t successful when back to the end of their own line and the next person on their team began jumping towards their opponent. We finished up the day by playing a boys against girls game of Mountains and Volcanoes. Each team was either a Mountain or a Volcano and they had to flip small cones to make either a mountain or a volcano. Since we play for the fun of it, there were no winners and losers, just lots of children having fun and developing their motor skills.

20190208_114057 20190208_114932 20190208_115712 20190208_121650 20190208_121701

We studied the letter U in phonics this week.


And in math we continued working on teen numbers. We used our life-size tens frame to help us visualise that teen numbers are a group of 10 plus extras. Since we have less than 10 students in the class we had some of our stuffed friends help us. For our guided and independent practice some students worked on teen numbers while others solidified their knowledge of 1-10.

20190208_134652 20190208_134851 20190208_135625 20190208_135649 20190208_135818 20190208_140722

Next week during our Morning Meetings we will be continuing our Kindness Curriculum. Here is the PDF for next week’s lessons. Week 3 words have power

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday, ready to learn!

Washable Paint

As mentioned in last week’s update, we painted our puppet theatre today. Desipite wearing smocks to protect their clothes from the paint, some students got paint on their clothes. The paint used is water-based and should come off after being soaked in cold water and put through the washing machine on the cold cycle.

Week 4 Update

Another week is here and gone in Ottawa Class. Our Kindness Morning Meetings have continued. We practiced giving compliments to one another. As next week is just a 2-day week we will not follow the kindness curriculum but we will continue to talk about kindness. We’ll start up Week 3 of the Kindness Morning Meetings on our first full week back.

We had our trip to the Dongrami Theatre this week. The students got to look around and see what goes into making a stage play. Then they got to try on some of the costumes and roleplay on the stage.

IMG_20190131_113820 IMG_20190131_114815_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114818_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114821_Bokeh IMG_20190131_114922_Bokeh IMG_20190131_115130 IMG_20190131_120314

Our school’s Seollal celebration was a great day. The students had fun playing traditional games and flying kites.

IMG_20190130_143325 IMG_20190130_143333 IMG_20190130_150709

In IPC we’re working towards having a great collection of homemade puppets and a wonderful puppet theatre. We made sock puppets this week and also made an elaborate structure to do our plays in. Mr. Choi was so kind as to spray it white for us and when we get back, we’ll work on painting and decorating it.

IMG_20190129_110539 IMG_20190130_110046 IMG_20190130_125827 IMG_20190201_141837_Bokeh

In PE we played a new game called Stepping on Clouds which works on balance. Students must hop or step from coloured circle to coloured circle but can’t step on the floor. When the teacher calls “It’s Raining!” they must pick up a paper rain drop from the floor and hop on the circles to give it to the teacher. We also played an old favourite Through the Tunnel, and much to the children’s delight we played with the parachute again.

IMG_20190201_113201 IMG_20190201_113215 IMG_20190201_114454 IMG_20190201_114633 IMG_20190201_120636

In Math Buddies we’re continuing to work with the numbers 10-19. We’re working through the numbers slowly to make sure everyone has a strong grasp. We’re also solidifying 1-10 number sense for those who need the extra practice. We had the Grade 2/3s come in an demonstrate the number 12 on our life-sized tens frame. The class really enjoyed having the friends visit us.

IMG_20190129_141504 IMG_20190129_141508 1548773405908 IMG_20190201_140614_Bokeh IMG_20190201_140623_Bokeh IMG_20190201_140629_Bokeh

Have a wonderful Seollal holiday. We’ll see you after the break!