Week 3 Update

Monday was our fire inspection and we passed with flying colours. The students all exited the building quickly and safely. They were excited to see the firemen and fire truck.

IMG_20190125_072634_01 IMG_20190125_072634_03 IMG_20190125_072634_05 IMG_20190125_072634_07 IMG_20190121_142037

As we continue our IPC unit focusing on playing pretend, the students used the puppets they made last week to play some stories.

IMG_20190122_110511_Bokeh IMG_20190122_110816

They have also been using our magnet board to reenact some of the traditional tales we’ve been reading in this unit.

IMG_20190123_105506 IMG_20190123_105708

Because this unit focuses on playing pretend and make-believe, we are going to have this term’s class trip be to the Dongrami Theatre. We will have a tour of the theatre backstage and get the opportunity to learn what goes into making a production and even try on some costumes on the stage themselves.  It will be a half-day trip and we will be back to the school by 12:30 for lunch.

Please sign the permission form by Monday 28 January. It can be found here.

We completed our Math Buddies unit on measurement last week and this week we began studying the numbers 10-19. The students have been practicing making sets of numbers using manipulatives and also wrote their first number sentences (a precursor to addition).

IMG_20190122_141241 IMG_20190122_141212 IMG_20190124_141414 IMG_20190124_141641 IMG_20190124_143053

In PE we tried a new activity: crab walk kicks. Students walked like crabs and tried to kick a ball into the net. We also did some balance activities with beanbags. We played Duck Duck Goose and also introduced a new game called What Time is it Mr. Wolf.

IMG_20190123_121847 IMG_20190123_121808 IMG_20190123_121753 IMG_20190123_121750 IMG_20190123_115258 IMG_20190123_115105

During developmental play time, we have seen some evolution in the common stories that are played. Our airplane got seats and Superman got super vision.

IMG_20190125_140850_Bokeh IMG_20190125_140844_Bokeh

We began our kindness-focussed morning meetings and learned a chant that helps get us excited about being kind.

1, 2, 3, 4 Kindness counts, let’s show some more!

2, 6, 8, 10 Kindness counts, so count me in!

As promised, here is next week’s Kindness Morning Meeting plans. Week 2 giving compliments I hope these plans are helping you to reinforce our positive values at home.

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you Monday!


Week 2 Update

Well we’re back into the swing of thing. The children are adjusted to their new routines and ready to learn.

As noted in the newsletter, our fire inspection is on Monday. This is very important for both the school and the students to learn fire safety. Because the fire department will be coming, they will bring their fire truck. We will have a chance to take photos with the fire truck. This will be happening just after 2pm. If half day students wish to stay for this, they are welcome. They can be picked up around 2:30.

Also in the newsletter is a link to order from the Scholastic Book Club. A catalogue went home in your child’s backpack today. I highly encourage you to buy books to read with your child. Reading at home is the best homework children of this age can do. Not only does it help them academically, it helps foster a life-long love of reading. If you would like recommendations of books to buy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Because we have a new class dynamic, we’re going to be doing  some concentrated work on kindness over the next few weeks. We will be doing this during our Morning Meeting time. Emotional awareness, kindness, and empathy are skills that should be reinforced at home as well. To this end, every Friday I will upload a PDF of the plan for our Morning Meetings for the upcoming week so you will be aware of what we’re talking about each day. I know children don’t always communicate well about their day for you to be able to follow up easily at home. Here is the first week of our Kindness Morning Meeting curriculum. Week 1 acts of kindness. We will be doing these lessons on Tuesday-Friday.

The students had a lot of fun for Crazy Hat Day. Not everyone brought a hat so we spent some time making our own.

IMG_20190115_115048 IMG_20190115_115117 IMG_20190115_115149 IMG_20190115_115156 IMG_20190115_122842

Phonics is till going well and the students are learning lots being separated into their level groups. In the upcoming weeks we will be doing even more targeted learning at each child’s learning level. Stay tuned!


In PE we introduced some activities we hadn’t done since last semester such as Submarine Tag (which the students just call “the catch game”) in which the person who is “it” tags a student and that student must lay down and put their periscope up (put their leg in the air). They can be saved by another student coming along and putting their periscope down. We also tried using hula hoops with varying levels of success.

IMG_20190116_120029 IMG_20190116_120246 IMG_20190116_121155

In IPC we’ve started to make our own puppets to facilitate our learning about playing pretend.

IMG_20190117_113532 IMG_20190117_113539 IMG_20190117_114537 IMG_20190117_115242_Bokeh IMG_20190117_115324_Bokeh IMG_20190117_115554_Bokeh

Learning about playing pretend in IPC has really sparked some interesting changes in our developmental play time.

IMG_20190117_120845_Bokeh IMG_20190117_121613 IMG_20190118_094137_Bokeh IMG_20190118_143123

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!




Week 1 Wrap-Up

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had a relaxing winter break full of joy and happiness no matter what celebrations or traditions your family observes during this period.

I’d like to start with a big welcome to Jisika in FS1 and Minel in FS2. We’re so happy to have them with us.


We’re off to a roaring start this term. You can view our Term 2 Curriculum Planner here.

The students have a renewed passion for phonics. Our phonics work is now being more efficiently differentiated for the different age groups we have in the class. We start with whole-group activities that everyone can participate in then split off into groups. Ms. Jiyu has been working with the FS1 students while I work more closely with the FS2 and Year 1 students.


Our writer’s workshop has seen some great developments with students really using their phonics knowledge to put labels on their illustrations and start to write full words and sentences.

IMG_20190108_140249 IMG_20190108_140242

Math Buddies is continuing our unit on measurement and is also being divided into age-appropriate groups for working.

20190109_150318 20190109_150315

Although some of the children still ask to do yoga, we’ve got a lot going on in PE. We learned the game “Duck Duck Goose”, we started playing some ball hockey, and much to the children’s delight, we’ve introduced the parachute.

IMG_20190111_114153 IMG_20190111_120808

In IPC we’ve started a new unit called Let’s Pretend. The students are being guided to play pretend with traditional stories and tales. We’re using costumes and puppets and we’ve seen some creative adaptations of stories such as Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

20190108_115313IMG_20190108_115500 IMG_20190108_120131 IMG_20190110_113634 IMG_20190110_113637 IMG_20190110_113744 IMG_20190110_114609 IMG_20190111_142032

Much of the dress up costumes we have are old Halloween costumes and we could always use more variety. If you have any old costumes that are no longer needed in your family, we would love to add them to our costume bin. We’ve got a special desire for more princess costumes as we now have a lot of girls in our class.

This emphasis on pretend is also influencing the different ways the children are playing during developmental play time.

IMG_20190110_115953 IMG_20190111_122446 IMG_20190111_095303 IMG_20190111_095241 IMG_20190111_094827 IMG_20190111_094718_Bokeh IMG_20190108_095149_Bokeh IMG_20190108_094431_Bokeh IMG_20190108_094413_Bokeh

Have a restful weekend and see you on Monday!