Week 16 Wrap-up

Winter break is finally here. Our Winter Show on Monday was a great success. I am so pleased with how confidently the children performed their Santa song. I hope you enjoyed watching it.

In IPC we finished up our unit on patterns.

IMG_20181211_114020 IMG_20181211_113857 IMG_20181211_113927 IMG_20181211_113854 IMG_20181211_113846 IMG_20181211_113837

We revisited Writer’s Workshop and the break to do Word Work was a real success. The students are writing more in their journals.


We did more work on measurement in Math Buddies but as mentioned before we’ll be revisiting this unit when school starts back up in the new year.

And of course we had lots of great developmental play time.

IMG_20181211_115930 IMG_20181213_120639 IMG_20181211_112125

Have a great winter break! School starts back up Monday, January 7. Can’t wait to see you all!


Marie McClellan

Week 15 Wrap-Up

Some housekeeping notes before the wrap-up begins:

  • Reports were sent home today in your child’s backpack. Please read the report, use the comment section, and sign it before you bring it with you to the parent conferences on Wednesday.
  • Parent conferences are on Wednesday afternoon. You are able to book a 20 minute slot by signing the sheet in the office if you haven’t already. Please bring the signed comment section of the school reports to the conference so we can better discuss your child’s academic progress.
  • The Winter Show is on Monday night. Doors open at 6pm with the show starting at 6:30. Please have your child wear black/dark bottoms and a red or green top. School uniforms are not required.
  • On Thursday 13 December there will be a special lunch provided for the children. The Lickert family is leaving HFS and this is to bid them farewell. Lunch will be early, at 12:15. Half-day students are welcome to stay for lunch or be picked up at 12:15.

Whew, that’s all. Onto this week’s wrap-up.

With the term winding to a close I am so excited to see all the rich interactions the students are having. Students are trying out new games, playing with different groups of friends, and really expanding their horizons.

IMG_20181204_111032 IMG_20181204_094349IMG_20181203_102155 IMG_20181203_102227

Our theme for Star of the Week is Curiosity. Mentoring on Monday saw the students working with their mentors to learn new things or expand their knowledge.

IMG_20181203_141935 IMG_20181203_141544

The students are showing an increased interest in books and literacy and have made a habit of going to explore the books in our reading corner when they finish their phonics workbooks. This happened spontaneously and is something I will continue encouraging.


Math Buddies saw an introduction to measurement. However, with practicing for the winter show, upcoming parent conferences, and next Friday being a half-day, we will not complete the unit. We will continue to explore measurement and learn vocabulary such as “bigger”, “smaller”, “longer”, “shorter”, “taller” so that we can dive back in and look more closely at measurement when the new term begins.

We continued our word work and looked more closely at the sight words “like” and “and”. On Wednesday we had a sight word scavenger hunt that the students found exhilarating. During the scavenger hunt, students looked around the room for the words “I”, “like”, “and”, “mom”, “dad” which I had posted. They used their magnifying glasses and felt like real detectives as they checked off each word on their recording sheet. This is definitely an activity which we will use again.

IMG_20181205_134725 IMG_20181205_140036 IMG_20181205_135759 IMG_20181205_135627 IMG_20181205_140733 IMG_20181205_135048

We’ve been hard at work preparing for the winter show. The students have been having lots of fun singing their song. It’s going to be a real treat. We also made salt dough ornaments for the sale table. Please support your children and the PTA by buying one (or more!) on Monday night.

IMG_20181206_112233 IMG_20181206_112307 IMG_20181207_105826 IMG_20181207_105837

Some of the students have noticed that I take a lot of pictures and have started hamming it up for the camera and asking that these photos be shared. So, I will finish this post with a posed picture. This is a firefighter, two cars, and friends on an airplane.



Marie McClellan