Bye Term 2 and Spring break begins

Dear Parents and Children,

Term 2 has come to an end and what a great term it was! We would like to say thanks to the parents for your initiative and support in making this another successful term. We also thank the children for their hard work throughout the term.

Sadly, we must bid farewell to Affan, Prewitt, Ameer and Satyam today. We wish them all the best of luck in their new schools. They will all be greatly missed by all of us at HFS.  And Year 1/2s, enjoy colouring the books you have made.

Thank you parents for your donations to the mini-market. The activity was filled with fun learning. Please be advised that there will be an educational trip to the Ulsan Botanical Gardens early on in the new Term. More details will follow.  Thank you for attending the final assembly. It was refreshing and pleasant to have it outdoors.

Please enjoy the photos from this week and have a wonderful Spring break.

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School Trip and Market Day

The School Trip to Ulsan Museum and the Grand Park was fun and successful. The students broadened their knowledge about the history of Ulsan. Ask your children about what petroglyphs are and what the Korean people of the past used in their daily lives, e.g. pottery and hunting tools. We also learned about Ulsan’s recent history and industrial development. It was an eye-opening experience. We   had a good time in the Grand Park, which was an added bonus! Enjoy the pictures of the children on their fantastic school outing!

We would like to remind you of our market day on Thursday. We are requesting parents, if you have not done so, to donate at least four small used items for the stalls. The categories are toys, snacks, books, clothes, stationary and odds and ends. The items should be small things that you wouldn’t mind parting with. Through this fun market experience, the children will learn the value of and how to work with money.

Thank you for your support with this activity

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

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Y1 and 2 School trip Postponed to Tuesday 27 March due to Rain

Dear Parents and Children

Unfortunately due to the weather forecast for rain on Thursday we will postpone the school trip to Ulsan Museum and grand Park to Tuesday 27 March.
Thursday will be a normal school day and the schedule for the school trip on Tuesday 27 March will be to depart promptly at 09:10 am and return by 2:30 pm.
Apologies for the inconvenience but the decision was made to postpone since going to Grand Park as well as the museum will make it a fuller and more enjoyable learning experience.
Best Regards,
Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

Reports, School trip, Mini-Market activity, week 11 news and Spelling

Spelling Year 1: bake cake late ride time its who now people my

Spelling year 2: explorer postpone route sailed correct study second eyes soon times

Dear Parents and Children,

The end of term approaches rapidly as this rather wet and rainy week passed us by. Luckily the sun came out just in time for the extended weekend. The year 1’s and 2’s have been productive in their learning.

Reports will go home today with the students. Please fill in the parent section and bring it to Parent Conferences on Wednesday 28 March. Also, please enter your name on the booking sheet at the office to arrange a convenient meeting time with your child’s teacher.

In English the year 2s have been consolidating our understanding of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs by creating funny fill-in stories for our classmates and we will complete our re-vamped typed versions of “Handa’s Surprise” next week. In IPC we learned about Christopher Columbus and why he was an important explorer, thank you to those children who brought in their own examples of famous people from the past for our class display. In Math the students continued to work with money with role-playing shop activities to learn how to calculate small amounts.

We would like to end-off the money unit with a Flea-market activity for the year 1 and 1/2 classes. We want to setup a few table-stalls of items that the students can “purchase” with the play money that we use in class. It will require some donations of items that can be sold at the stalls. We would like to have 6 stalls. Toys, Stationary, Books, Snacks, Clothes and “Odds ‘n Ends or hand-made crafts”. If each parent donates 4 separate items to at least 4 stalls it should provide enough to have a successful mini-market for the students to buy something. The items should be small, old, cheap things that you or your children would not mind donating and they will be priced not more than £2.00 at our market. The more items that are donated, the more fun it will be for the students. Each student will be given the same amount of play money (£5.00) to spend at the stalls. We would like to have the market on Thursday 29 March from 10:30 am until 11:30 am in the Year 1 and 1/2 classes. We thank you for your support with this fun little activity.

Also to remind you that the. School trip to Ulsan Museum and Grand park scheduled for Tuesday 2y March will go ahead as planned. We will monitor the weather on Monday and alert you should there be any changes.

Have a wonderful long-weekend,

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

Enjoy the video of Jeremy showing his skill on the violin




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Farewell Rayyan, Permission form reminder, Week 9 and spelling

Spelling Year 1: hair chair fair tear wear like him see time could

Spelling Year 2: value change timeline adverb worth light parts country father let

Dear Parents and Children

A full week of learning under our belts and much was done in the year 1 and 1/2 classes at HFS.

Firstly, on a sad note we say farewell to Rayyan, Sara and Danish Yusmi as they return to Malaysia. Their absence from HFS will be felt in a big way but it was extremely generous of them to leave their classmates with lovely gifts as they departed. Thank you to the Yusmi family and good luck for your journey home. We wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity for the future.


Thank you to all who have submitted the online permission form allowing their child to attend the field trip to Ulsan Museum and Grand Park Next Thursday 15th March. If you have not yet completed the form, please click here to do so. Please submit your response as soon as possible.

We were all inspired by the year 7 -9 ‘s science assembly. Well done for stimulating our brains. In class this week students began crafting plays and drafts of their own version of a traditional tale. The year 2 students wrote wonderfully creative stories using descriptive writing and are now typing them up in I.T class. In Math we began to work with money, looking at different currencies and comparing values. Wednesday was world Maths day and The year 2 students had fun taking part in online competitions against classmates and other students from around the world on Mathletics. Well done to Satyam and Reyansh for earning Silver and Bronze certificates.  In IPC we continued to explore “People of the past” by looking at examples of historical timelines and creating our own personal histories on our own timelines.

Ms. You was away today and the combined Y1 and Y 1/2 classes had fun learning together. We applied our knowledge of nouns, verbs and adjectives to creating silly stories that was loads of fun. They also delighted in playing games together involving hands-on calculating with coins. We created a mega timeline of the history of the 20th Century together and practiced our hockey skills in P.E. The year 1’s made posters for the upcoming school dance. An action-packed day of learning was had by all.

Enjoy the pics and these videos of the children dancing and practicing their P.E warm ups.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You


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Week 10 News and Spelling

Year 1 Spelling: ear hear near tear fear no make than first been

Year 2 spelling: inventor discover invention speech said night following seen picture being

Dear Parents and Children,

Another week has flown by at HFS and what a way to end. We all had loads of fun getting our groove on at the HFS Dance Party. Well done to the PTA for providing the refreshments and raffles. Kudos to the Student council for organizing and running the event and congratulations to Joy, Juveria, Anna and Alicia for winning the raffles.

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the school trip to Tuesday 27 March but we are all excited to visit Ulsan Museum and Grand Park on that day if the weather cooperates.

In class this week the Year 1’s practiced their “Handa’s surprise” Plays while the year 1/2s continued writing their versions of the story, they have learned how to use adverbs, adjectives and speech marks to give their character’s voice. In Math we continued to work with money. The Year 1/2s got valuable hands-on experience using money while working at the refreshment stands at the school dance. In IPC we learned more about history by looking at important inventors and inventions in our “People of the past” unit. Next week we will look at Christopher Columbus and parents are reminded to talk to their children about famous people from their home country. It would be wonderful if they could bring in a picture and talk about who that person is, why they are famous, where they are from and when they were born.

That’s all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney and MS. You

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School trip to Ulsan Museum and Grand Park departing at 09:10 am

Dear Parents and Children,

Just a reminder that the Year 1 and 2 School trip to Ulsan Museum and Grand Park will happen as scheduled tomorrow.

The bus will depart promptly at 09:10 am. 

Please pack a light carry bag including a morning snack, juice or water bottle as well as a lunch for your children.  Comfortable walking or running shoes are recommended.

It promises to be a beautifully sunny day so light clothing will be ideal.

Thank you for your cooperation

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

Week 8 Farewell to Amru, News and Spelling

Spelling Year 1: curl burn turn girl bird into has more her two

Spelling Year 2: famous history past present international far hand high year mother

Dear Parents and Children

A short but eventful week has passed us by. Firstly, we must sadly bid farewell to Amru and his family. We wish them luck and happiness on the next phase of their journey and they will be missed by all at HFS. Secondly, a big congratulations to the Year 1 class for organizing and presenting their first school assembly. We all enjoyed the fitness lesson. Thank you to the year 2 class for assisting in this event.   Finally, Thank you and well done to all the parents who worked so hard to make the International Food share such a resounding success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed all that was on offer.

Please take note of the permission form for the upcoming trip to Ulsan Museum and Grand Park on Thursday 15 March. Please complete the online form and submit your response by no later than Friday 9 March.

In class this week we looked deeper into the traditional tale “Handa’s Surprise”. The year 1 students began looking at adjectives and the year 1/2’s  learned how to use adverbs. In math we continued with the topic of data handling by looking at Carroll Diagrams. The year 1’s sorted shapes according to criteria while the year 1/2’s created their own Carroll diagrams with their own criteria. In IPC we began our new unit on “People of the Past” with a discussion of famous people from the past and present and what it means to be famous.  It would be helpful if you discussed with your child any famous people from your country.  We are looking to create a class display in the coming weeks so if they could bring a picture of a famous person from their home country it would be superb.

That is all for this week. Enjoy the pics of your children and  have a wonderful warm weekend.

Mr Kearney and Ms You


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Permission for Trip to Ulsan History Museum on Thursday March 15

Dear Parents and children

In linking with our IPC unit on “People of the past” we would like to take our year 1 and 1/2 students on a field trip to Ulsan History Museum on Thursday March 15. The museum has a permanent exhibit that details life in Ulsan and the rest of Korea from prehistoric times to the present as well as a children’s section. It should be a valuable learning experience for the students.

The schedule for the trip will be to depart from the school promptly at 9:10 am and return at 2:30 pm. Students will complete a reflection activity on the day’s learning experience until  regular finishing time at 3:30 pm.

We require you to complete the online permission form and submit your response by no later than Friday 9 March

To complete the permission form click here

Thank you

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You