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Year 1/2 Class Split Meeting

Dear parents/carers,

Thank you to those 11 families who have taken the time to respond.  The form is now closed.  Ms. You will have a presentation in her class at 3:45 pm on Thursday 21st September.  The meeting is for those parents who have said that they would be interested in their child being the Year 1/2 class.  In the meeting Ms. You will be outlining the positives and negatives of the move before asking the parents to make their final decision.  If you are not at the meeting or do attend the meeting and then do not get in contact with Ms. You afterwards she will assume that you are happy for your child to be continued to be considered for the Year 1/2 class.  However, not all children whose parents have asked to be in the Year 1/2 class will be necessarily placed in the Year 1/2 class as we will be looking to have an equal number of students in the Year 1 class and the Year 1/2 class.

Upcoming Year 1 and Year 1/2 Class Split (form is now closed)

Dear parents/carers,

The school is currently undergoing the process of creating the class lists of students who will be in either the Year 1 or the Year 1/2 class after the Chuseok Holiday.  To help the school make an informed decision about which students will be in which class we are asking all Year 1 parents to complete this form to tell us if you would like your child to be in either the Year 1 or the Year 1/2 class after the Chuseok Holiday.  This information, along with the information provided by Ms You, will be used to inform our decision when drawing up the class lists.  Please complete this form before 3:30 pm on Wednesday 20th September 2017. Ms You will then arrange meetings with those parents who are:

  • a) interested in their child being in the Year 1/2 class, and
  • b) for whom we are considering moving their child,

to outline the positive and negative aspects of the move on Thursday 21st September 2017.  Parents will be then asked to go away and make their final decision before letting the school know what they have chosen.  The finalised class lists for the Year 1 and Year 1/2 class will then be sent out in Week 5.