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Spelling words and Weekly news

Spelling words: blow, flap, glad, plan, play (CCVC), and

                as, with, his, at, they (high frequency words)

Dear Parents and Children,

We’ve reached the end of a full week and have been extremely productive. In English we started learning about Instructional writing and Verbs. In Math we reviewed 2-D and 3-D Shapes and explored the concept of symmetrical shapes and patterns. IPC was popular with the start of the unit on “The Magic Toy maker” and the children showed boundless creativity and imagination in creating their own toys from recycled materials as an entry point. Finally,  in P.E we consolidated our throwing, catching and kicking skills in learning how to play Baseball. A thoroughly fun and creative week of learning. Please enjoy the pictures below and I look forward to seeing you at the Fun Day tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

20171117_113926 More…

IPC Unit: The Magic Toymaker

Dear Children and Parents of Year One and Two,                           toy

Over the next 4 weeks starting from Tuesday 14th of November, Year One and Two children will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on ‘Toys and games’.

For the entry point activity, please send to school children’s toys of any type, e.g. self-moving toy, LEGO, domino, games or teddy, etc. We also need a series of collage and junk materials. e.g. small and medium boxes, straws, cardboard rolls, card, sequins, beads, ribbons, fabric, glitter, polystyrene balls and cubes, and so on to make our own toys at a later stage. E.g.

The learning goals of this unit of work are set out very clearly what children will learn in three different area: 1. the learning goals for each of the subjects are appropriately challenging to suit the different learning levels of our children. 2. the characteristics of Personal development will help children become more responsible, independent learners. 3. International understanding will help children develop both a sense of the independence of their own country and culture and the interdependence between countries and cultures.

During this unit we will be focusing on History, Science, Technology and International.

In History, we’ll be finding out:

  • About toys and games from the past
  • How to decide if a toy is new or old
  • How to create our own toy museum
  • How we can learn about the past in different ways

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to sort toys based on what they are made out of
  • Which materials can be bent, squashed, twisted or stretched
  • What materials are best for making a bath toy, and
  • About pushes and pulls, and how things move

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • About ‘magic’ toys that fool our eyes
  • How to design and make our own puppets

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • About a popular game from another country and teaching others to play it

All of the work we are going to do has been specially written to help your child reach the learning goals. Children will be reading, researching, writing, illustrating, working on their own and working in groups. We will be checking to see how well your child has learned through particular activities and asking children to explain their work, perhaps to you.

If you can, please talk with your child about the toys and games that you used to play with when you were growing up. If you still have examples of these toys, then show them to your child and talk about how you played with them. Collect and look at old photographs that feature family members playing with toys. Help your child to understand how toys have changed over time.

By the end of the unit, we hope your child has achieved all of the learning targets and had an enjoyable time in the classroom. And we hope you have enjoyed seeing your child work with enthusiasm.

Thank you in advance for your support in this unit of The Magic Toymaker.

Building a Biscuit House Project Pictures

Dear parents and children of Year One and Two,

We thank you for the support you have given us to complete our learning of the IPC Building Unit. The Project started off with planning/designing and then collecting materials, making a building, assessment, display and finally finished with an exhibition, where we had visitors from other classes and Mr. Mcloud. It was a great exit activity that helped us to both consolidate and celebrate our learning.

Before we introduce the next unit, please enjoy looking and download the photos of our final activity that has successfully finished together with the children, teachers, staff and parents.

Also included here are some learning photos of the week.



Y1 phonics and high frequency words (Fun Dress up day photos)

Spellings for next Wednesday:  help, melt, milk, next, kept and he, for, was, on, are  

Dear parents and children,

This week, we had such good fun and great learning through having Fun Dress up Day and IPC learning trip to the HHI shipyard and Daewangam park. In English, we learned a story structure called ‘beginning, middle and end’ within traditional stories and basic 2-Dimensional shapes with their corresponding properties such as sides, corners, curved or straight lines.

Please enjoy looking at the photos and download to keep the memories. Thank you.




“Making a Biscuit House” Project

Dear Parents and Children,

Be aware that we are reaching the end of the IPC unit on Buildings. It has been an interesting exploration of the nature and purpose of the buildings around us. For the exit activity of the unit, we would like to celebrate our learning by building a biscuit house and demonstrate our understanding of how buildings are constructed.

This will require some preparation of the materials to be used. The school will provide some of the materials needed in the form of the cardboard base, wafer biscuits for the walls, waffle wafers for the roof and yummy melting chocolate for cementing the pieces together.

We require from you: any additional decorations for their house such as extra biscuits, jelly candies, m&m, lolly pops for trees, candy stones and an empty milk carton as a house frame if you wish. Please see the pictures below as a guide to see what the finished product might look like.

Please ensure that “NO NUT products” are sent to the school accidentally!

This project will be carried out during class time in the morning (9.30 am – 12.00 pm) on Wednesday, the 8th of November.

Any  parents are welcome to volunteer to assist the classes with this project. We look forward to it. Thank you.

IMG_0073 house

Ms You & Mr. Kearney’s IPC trip exploring Buildings

Hi Parents and Children,

Our trip to the HHI shipyard and Daewangam Park was a great success!

We are lucky to have such great resources in our backyard that we can apply to our teaching and learning. A pleasant day outing was enjoyed by all. We will let the photos speak for themselves. Please peruse and download them at your leisure.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in making this happen.

20171102_100230_005 More…

Hi Year 1 children and parents,

Spellings next week: tent,  pink,  sink,  wind,  jump  and  in, is, you, that, it.

Monday, 30th, Year One (Ms You’s class) and Year One/Two (Mr. Kearney’s class) will take a class photo. Please come to school wearing: Year One (red shirt) and Year One/Two (blue shirt).

Thursday, 2nd November,   Year 1 and Year 1/2 classes are going on an I.P.C. educational trip to HHI and Daewangam Park to see buildings and bridges. For more information about the trip, please see the previous information.

Please enjoy looking at some photos below taken during learning this week.


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Homework and spelling test

Hi Year 1,

You have been brilliant this week on learning and on your alphabet writing test.

Please finish your homework by next Wednesday and practise your spelling for the test.

The words are: 5 high frequency words and phonics words that we have learnt this week.

   ‘bell, buzz, class, huff’     and  ‘the, of, a, and,  to’  

We said ‘Good bye’ to Aarav last week. His mum, Mrs. Shama kindly gave us a leaving present to each of us and we wished him all the best. Please enjoy seeing our photos taken during  learning, English, P.E. and  Drama.




Year 1 and 2 IPC building and nature trip info.

Dear parents,

In line with our new topic ‘Buildings’, Year 1/2 classes are having another exciting trip to HHI and Daewangam Park. At each place, we will observe the differences between nature and a building site and buildings for different purposes, e.g. buildings for ship construction, a lighthouse and bridges. See below for the trip information.


Where:  HHI & Daewangam Park

When: Thursday, 2nd November 2017

How: By school bus

Who: Ms You and Mr. Kearney (Teachers), Miss Duri & Mr. J. Kim (TA)

You prepare: School uniform, a jacket, comfy shoes, Lunch, snack  a water bottle

Leave school at 9:15am – Return to school by 1:30pm

The Online Permission Slip will be posted shortly on the School web page. Please complete it  by Monday 30th October.  Children not attending the trip should stay at home on the trip day.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Year One/Two class teachers

Ms. You and Mr. Kearney

2017-2018 Year 1 and Year 1/2 Student list

Dear Parents

As you are aware with the recent addition of Mr Kearney to the H.F.S. Team we will be splitting the Year 1 and 2 classes. This will take effect immediately after the Chuseok Holiday break. Ms You will take charge of the Year 1 group and Mr Kearney will take charge of the they Year 1 / 2 group. The complete class lists are displayed on the link below. Feel free to contact either Ms. You or Mr. Kearney should you have any queries.

Sadly we must also bid farewell to Aarav Sharma and Aayan Biswas from the       Year 1 / 2 class. We have enjoyed having them at H.F.S and wish both of them and their families the best of luck and success in the future.

2017-2018 Year 1 and Year 1 – 2 Student list