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Term 3 Final Update

Wow! What a great year it’s been! I am so blessed to have worked with your children this year. They’ve really touched my heart. Thank you, parents, for all your support in your children’s learning.

This final week was all about winding down and making strong friendship bonds. The students had lots of creative time with playdough and blocks and they made shirts for Ms. Jiyu and I.

What a wonderful treat it was to go see Toy Story 4. Thank you so much to the PTA for that great event and the pizza lunch. After lunch the students had a great time making Forkie, the main character of the movie.

Have a great summer. I hope it’s relaxing and you come back in the fall refreshed and ready for another great year.

IMG_20190624_150622 IMG_20190624_150650 IMG_20190626_104014 IMG_20190626_105110 IMG_20190626_105810 IMG_20190627_121822 IMG_20190627_121829 IMG_20190627_150644 IMG_20190627_150649 IMG_20190627_150650 IMG_20190627_150655 IMG_20190627_150702 IMG_20190628_122608

Term 3 Week 9 Update

Well we’ve almost made it. It’s the end of Week 9 and we’re preparing for the school dance tonight.

Just a reminder that reports went home with your children today. You can sign up for parent teacher conferences using the sign up sheet in the main office. I’m so excited to talk about your child’s progress this year.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to open day. We had an exciting time. The students certainly did love making their bubble art. Learning that’s authentic and, well, messy, is hard to take pictures of so I hope you all have good images in your memories of that day.

Continuing our IPC unit about things that float in the sky we made model hot air balloons today.

IMG_20190621_113215 IMG_20190621_113241 IMG_20190621_113341

We’re continuing with our Phase 2 phonics this week diving in to “Magic E” or “Silent E”. We practiced making the long A and long I sounds by adding E onto the end of words.

IMG_20190618_114748 IMG_20190618_115323 IMG_20190618_115409

In writing we did some more guided writing and we attempted an ambitious writing project where we rolled a die to determine our story elements and then tried to construct a story with them.

IMG_20190618_134715 IMG_20190621_135519

In Math we did a scavenger hunt to find “friends of 10” to review our addition before begining on subtraction. We looked at ways to use manipulatives to subtract and also how to count it out on our fingers.

20190619_144645 20190619_144835 20190621_140701

In PE we used the time to center ourselves from all the year-end energy and did some yoga.

IMG_20190619_113800 IMG_20190619_114246

And we most certainly cannot forget that we started off the week by leading our very own assembly on the topic of Curiosity!


I hope everyone had a great time at the dance. Have a restful weekend. And we’ll see you ready for a jam-packed final week!!

Term 3 Week 8 Update

Another great week was had here in Ottawa class.

The GL assessments have been done and while it was a bit stressful for the children to take a test like this I’m proud of how they did.

In phonics we reviewed the digraphs that we have covered so far – TH, CH, SH, and CK. The students did some word searches, some colouring and matching, and some cutting and pasting to match words to pictures that definitely required reading.

IMG_20190613_112136 IMG_20190613_11221220190613_11005220190613_110349

In Math we finished off addition to 10. Next week we’ll be starting on subtraction.

IMG_20190613_135234 IMG_20190613_135241 IMG_20190613_141529 IMG_20190613_14232520190613_140641

In PE we did some movement exploration involving blowing feathers and trying to keep them up in the air and dancing to music making patterns with a ribbon.

20190612_120747 20190612_115720 20190612_120650 20190612_120718 20190612_120712

But the big winner this week was bubbles in IPC. We’re exploring things that float in the air and bubbles most certainly do that.

IMG_20190611_120447 IMG_20190611_120458 IMG_20190611_120658 IMG_20190611_120704 IMG_20190611_120712 IMG_20190611_120838 IMG_20190611_121626 IMG_20190611_121655 IMG_20190611_121750 IMG_20190611_121932 IMG_20190611_122459 IMG_20190614_112347 IMG_20190614_112402

And we capped off the week with the whole school wishing Gabriel a happy birthday.


Enjoy the weekend, stay dry. And keep that energy up for our last 2 weeks!


Bring Bubble Toys for IPC Friday

Hello parents,

We have been doing an exploration of bubbles in IPC this week and we’d like to cap off the week by going outside and playing with bubbles.

If your child has a bubble-making toy, please send it to school with them on Friday so we can go out to the pitch and watch our bubbles float in the air.

This educational use of toys in in accordance with our personal property policy. Please send only one toy.

I will have some bubble making supplies for those students who don’t have a toy of their own so no one will be left out. There is no need to purchase a toy for this purpose.

Thank you,

Ms. M

Term 3 Week 7 Update

Well, is it ever good to be back at school. We had a lot of active learning this week. In phonics we reviewed the digraphs we learned over the last couple of weeks as well as introduced the ending digraph “ck”. In Math we continued to work on addition to 10. Going at a slower pace for this unit is really helping the students get a strong number sense. We used math stories and manipulatives like snap cubes and red and yellow counter chips to help the students get a good understanding of the number sets we were working with. We’ll be finishing off addition next week then moving on to subtraction. We started our new IPC topic with an exploration of kites. We made paper plate circle kites and also paper bag kites and took them outside to fly. The students had a great time with that.

20190605_145237 20190605_145359 IMG_20190605_105946 IMG_20190605_110630 IMG_20190605_110819_Bokeh IMG_20190605_111851 IMG_20190606_111246 IMG_20190606_111323 IMG_20190606_120021 IMG_20190606_120116 IMG_20190606_120906 IMG_20190606_121021 IMG_20190606_121026 IMG_20190606_121120IMG_20190606_121301

If you click on the below image, it should be an animation of the children taking off with their kites.


Term 3 Week 5 Update

Well golly! Was today ever an excellent sports day. I was so busy having fun with the kids, I didn’t get a single picture! Keep your eye on the newsletter for some photos!

Don’t forget the FS1/FS2/Y1-3 trip to the amazing Gyeongju Botanical Gardens and Bird Sanctuary on 30 May. Details of the trip can be found here and please sign the permission form either YES or NO by Monday 31 May. That can be found here. Don’t forget, the school is otherwise closed that day so if your child does not attend the trip, they will have to stay home. The school is also closed on Friday 31 May.

We had a great week of learning. We finished off our IPC unit on plants and the students plants went home with them. These can be repotted into the garden or into a large pot on the veranda. We grew beans so they should produce come harvest time. In Math we continued working on addition to 10. Slowing down has really helped the students get a firm grasp of these essential foundational math skills. We learned the digraph “SH” in phonics as well as reviewed all our phonics digraphs to date thus far. In centers we really stretched ourselves to work on new reading skills. We also had some excellent developmental play including some time with playdough.

Have a restful weekend and let’s come back refreshed on Monday ready for another week of great learning!

IMG_20190523_113448 IMG_20190521_093521_Bokeh IMG_20190521_111652 IMG_20190521_115548 IMG_20190521_121000 IMG_20190521_121024 IMG_20190521_144621_Bokeh IMG_20190521_144649_Bokeh IMG_20190521_144817_Bokeh IMG_20190522_115007 IMG_20190522_151139 IMG_20190522_151220


Term 3 Week 4 Update

Here we are at the end of Week 4. Today was an important day here at HFS with our CIS inspection. The students in Ottawa class happily greeted Mr. Eric and were pleased to have him visit us during our story time and our PE time.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in interest during developmental play time. The children have really started noticing all the craft supplies we have around the classroom and wanted to get creative. We played with sequins, Popsicle sticks, coloured paper, and a mess of white glue. The children made some beautiful creations! This creativity hasn’t been limited to just arts and crafts either. There’s been an increased interest in using Lego to create structures and automobiles and imaginative re-purposing of small toys and string as popcorn, pasta, and cake.

IMG_20190514_144036 IMG_20190515_143953 IMG_20190516_143149 IMG_20190516_143709 IMG_20190517_093853 IMG_20190517_093954 IMG_20190517_094654

In Phonics we began looking at digraphs. This week was TH and CH. We made posters with words we knew that had those digraphs, built words with magnets, and practiced our reading with flashcards.

20190515_110501 20190515_110355 20190515_105851

We’ve added some new centres and students are showing their amazing reading development. Each group is moving on to more complex centres.

IMG_20190517_111937 IMG_20190517_111926 IMG_20190517_111046 IMG_20190517_111716 IMG_20190517_111747

We saw the last of our seeds get potted this week and now everyone’s bean is growing. We learned about how we can eat all the different parts of a plant depending on what vegetable it is (did you know broccoli was a flower?) and we learned about the plant life cycle from seed to seedling to sprout to adult plant. All of this was recorded in our lapbooks.

IMG_20190516_121120 IMG_20190516_120557 20190514_134524 20190514_134830

In writing we worked on guided writing and writing from a prompt. The students are making excellent progress.

IMG_20190517_135515 IMG_20190517_135425

In Math, we’re slowly working through addition to 10. These skills need to move a little more slowly so students have a strong base of understanding to help them as they progress through school.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you well-rested on Monday ready for another great week of learning.

Week 3 Update

Here we are at the end of another wonderful week. And what a way to end it – a Green Day cleanup in the park. The students had a great time and especially loved the ice cream at the end.

IMG_20190510_130329 IMG_20190510_132124 IMG_20190510_132144_Bokeh IMG_20190510_132420_Bokeh IMG_20190510_132648 IMG_20190510_144239_01 IMG_20190510_145853_01 IMG_20190510_151738 IMG_20190510_151741

And as we celebrate this wonderful weather, we took advantage of the play structure here at the Hanmaeum Centre for our PE classes this week.

IMG_20190508_115136 IMG_20190510_115839 IMG_20190510_115848

The weather is certainly helping our plants that we’re observing in IPC grow. 4 more seeds were germinated enough to pot as we learned in our observation walk. So, we potted them and they’re being well taken care of.

20190507_111857 20190507_112539 20190507_112936 IMG_20190509_110730

But we’re not just observing plants grow. This week we learned what plants need to grow and about the different parts of a plant and what those parts do. This was recorded in the lapbook we’re making.

IMG_20190507_115632 IMG_20190507_120103  IMG_20190509_113816 IMG_20190509_112943 IMG_20190509_112951

We finished up all our short vowels (finishing with U and a review) this week. I’m so impressed by how well the students can read and write CVC words.

IMG_20190507_111548 IMG_20190507_111306 IMG_20190507_111159

In writing we did a language experienced shared writing. We wrote about our field trip to HHI arts last week. In a shared writing, the students compose the text as a class and I scribe what they say. We also edited the piece. Then, I typed it up, we reviewed it, and we created a poster to publish the piece.

20190507_143531 IMG_20190508_140307

With all this learning we certainly didn’t forget about Parents’ Day on Wednesday. I hope you like the flower art we created for you!

IMG_20190508_105225 IMG_20190508_105340 IMG_20190508_105442 IMG_20190508_105512 IMG_20190508_105744 IMG_20190508_110456

We continued learning math using centres. This week we started addition.

20190507_140240 20190507_134837 20190507_142421

Lots of learning was packed into this short week and there’s more to come next week. Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Term 3 Week 2 Update

What a fun week we’ve had! Finally the sun came out and we were able to go outdoors for play. Also the sun is helping our beans germinate. We’ve been looking at our beans and drawing their progress in our seed journal. We’re also observing the beans of all of our friends in the class. One bean was ready to be potted this week so it’s in soil now and growing strong. Hopefully with sun over the weekend even more will be ready next week.

20190430_113650 20190430_113702 20190502_135326 20190502_135535 20190502_135647 IMG_20190503_091017

We also began creating our All About Plants lapbook that we will be adding to as we continue to explore how things grow and the lifecycles of plants.

IMG_20190502_120503_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120948_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120752_Bokeh IMG_20190502_120814_Bokeh

Math centres is proving to be a successful way to teach all the varying levels of math necessary with such a diverse group of children. We have several stations and the children rotate through the stations doing activities targeted to their learning needs.

IMG_20190430_135449_Bokeh IMG_20190430_141129 IMG_20190430_141137 IMG_20190430_141144 IMG_20190430_135335_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134551_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134514_Bokeh IMG_20190430_134504_Bokeh 20190429_144850 20190429_144820 20190429_145348

We focused on the short vowels E and O this week in phonics as we continue making words with our phonics knowledge. I am very impressed with the learning all the children are doing! And of course we balanced our whole-group phonics lessons with targeted centres.

IMG_20190503_111124 IMG_20190503_111013

Today was a very special day as we went to HHI Arts to see a gallery of illustrations by various children’s authors. The students got to participate in some hands-on activities and also tour the gallery.

20190503_141825 20190503_142704 20190503_141707 20190503_135344 20190503_142855

Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you after the break!