Term 2 Week 8 Update

Wow! What a week! Thank you so much to the parents who have done so much to help your children this week of e-learning. We had some growing pains but we still learned a lot.

In Math we learned about 2D shapes. In Phonics we learned about the letters J and X. Our word of the week was “this”. In IEYC we started our new unit about transportation.

We had video chats and got to see each other. We watched videos to help our learning. It’s been an interesting challenge.

We will now go on break for 2 weeks. The school is set to re-open on Monday the 16th. If there are changes to this schedule parents will be notified by the school.

Have a great break. Stay safe. And we’ll see you soon!

20200226_093836 20200226_094005 20200226_094331

Term 2 Week 6 Update

We had a great week in FS 1/2 this week. In Math we began the early stages of exploring numbers to 100 by learning to skip count by 2’s. We used a variety of ways to show that we could count things in groups of two – like pairs of socks.

IMG_20200212_094323 IMG_20200212_094327 IMG_20200212_094354 20200211_092922

In Phonics we learned about the letter Y this week. We did not have a word of the week.

In IEYC we began learning about real-life heroes like firefighters. We built ladders to get cats out of trees. We also built our own emergency vehicles.

20200211_115331 20200211_120246 (1) 20200211_120306 20200211_120451 20200211_114306

We spent a long time on Wednesday working on puzzles. The students showed real teamwork while making them.

IMG_20200212_135337 IMG_20200212_122138 IMG_20200212_121808 IMG_20200212_115737

And of course we had our trip to the Lightning Man Experience. The children had a wonderful time on the trip experiencing being superhero helpers to Lightning Man.

20200213_110448 20200213_110513 IMG_20200213_110946 20200213_111040 20200213_111318 20200213_111953 IMG_20200213_112011 IMG_20200213_112019 IMG_20200213_112148 20200213_112442 20200213_112820 20200213_113718 20200213_114451 IMG_20200213_114454 IMG_20200213_125551 IMG_20200213_130628 IMG_20200213_130914 IMG_20200213_130919 IMG_20200213_130958 IMG_20200213_131006 IMG_20200213_131318 IMG_20200213_131436 IMG_20200213_131720 20200213_131940 IMG_20200213_132109 IMG_20200213_132332 IMG_20200213_141057

That’s all for this week. Monday is the 100th day of school and we have some special activities planned. Can’t wait to continue learning next week!

Term 2 Week 5 Update

I’d like to begin this update by extending a warm welcome to our newest classmate, Ayaka, in FS 1. We’re so pleased to have him in the class.


This week began with a fun assembly looking at the effects of water pollution. In their mentoring groups, the students read about the journey of Freddie the Fish who swam down the stream encountering one pollutant after another. It was a real hands-on experience as they used safe household products like dish soap, soil, syrup, and raisins to simulate all the toxic pollutants that can enter our water. Environmental awareness is one of our core values and activities like this one always help the students understand the effects their actions have on the environment.


We continued with our Math work looking at comparing numbers. We explored how many more one number is from another number and how many less. We used a lot of hands-on methods. The students also took their second-ever math test (a very short 4 question test at the end of the unit to check on understanding). They did wonderfully both in their ability to show their learning and their understanding of not shouting out the answer. We will be moving on to our new Math unit next week – looking at 100! This is a planned 2 week unit and it’s the perfect time of year to be doing it as we are getting close to our 100th day of school. Today was day 94.

20200203_092200 20200206_093056 20200206_092950 20200205_092659

In Phonics we looked at the letters C and U and our word of the week was “we”.

As it is both cold and flu season and with coronavirus being in the news, we took the opportunity to learn about germs and how they spread. We talked about covering our mouth when we cough and sneeze and being sure to wash our hands frequently. We know sharing is good but sharing germs is not!

In IEYC we continued with our superhero exploration. We explored different movements that superheros can do such as fly (like Superman) or plod (like The Hulk). We also wrote some superhero stories in our IEYC books taking the opportunity to use some of those sight words we’ve been learning.

20200207_135301 20200207_140221 IMG_20200207_135720 IMG_20200207_135731

And of course today was Pyjama Day! Thank you to all who participated and sent their 5,000won. The money will be going to support those affected by the Australia wildfires. At the end of the day when it was time to watch our movie and eat popcorn, we had a whole-school competition for best pyjamas and our Elif Ece won! Congratulations!


That’s all for this week. Don’t forget we have the field trip next Thursday. We will be leaving the school at 9:15, eating our snack and lunch at the location, and we are expected to return to school by 2:30.

Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you ready to learn on Monday!

Term 2 Week 4 Update and Trip Permission Form

Wow the fun never stops in FS1/2! We had a short but busy week.

Before we begin our recap, let me tell you about our planned field trip for this term. In the Yongnam Alps there is a place which offers a superhero experience. It’s called Lightning Man Experience. The students will be able to wear superhero costumes and go through a variety of stations simulating a real superhero training. This ties in perfectly with our IEYC unit “To the Rescue” which focuses on superheros. It’s sure to be a good time for all. There is a cost involved. The portion needed to be paid by parents is 10,000won. We will be going on Thursday, February 13. Please complete the permission form and send payment to me by Wednesday February 5th. The permission form can be found here: https://forms.gle/zw1Euj5tnDwaR9eT7

Now, on with our update!

In Math we are still learning about comparing numbers within 10. Students examined more and less through a variety of methods. Because we had 2 short weeks, we will be continuing this unit next week as well.

IMG_20200128_093958 (1)20200129_093556

In Phonics we looked at the letters U and Z. Z was a special day because it was also Ezra’s birthday and he was very happy that there was a Z in his name. Our word of the week was “get”. As you may have noticed, I sent home readers that have gone up a level in reading and incorporate more of our sight words. If you have any feedback about your child’s use of these readers please contact me.

We had a great time in IEYC continuing our superhero theme. We finished up our collages of our superhero costumes and then we made wristbands and belts to wear during roleplay. We also made a supercomputer, a superhero phone directory, and not least of all a superhero hideout that we decorated ourselves. The students had a great time expressing their creativity through these activities.

20200129_133915 20200129_133930 20200129_135113 20200129_140927 20200129_141655 20200129_141713 20200129_141729 20200130_134834 20200130_134849 20200130_134949 20200130_135207 20200130_140838 20200130_140845 20200131_135132 20200131_135229 IMG_20200131_135440 IMG_20200131_144438 IMG_20200131_140743

That’s all for this week. Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you back on Monday.


Term 2 Week 3 Update

Wow! What a busy week we’ve had! We had a very successful Open Day on Monday. We had a sight words scavenger hunt and then used play dough to create sight words. In Phonics we worked on the letter B. We did not have any new sight words this week because of the short week. In Math we began comparing numbers within 10. We looked at more and less using counting blocks and other manipulatives. In IEYC we continued on our superheroes theme culminating today with making our own superhero costume collages. And of course we can’t forget our Seollal celebrations. The students led the school in a Korean traditional bow. We hung New Year’s wishes on the tree; made a beautiful collage wishing everyone a Happy New Year; and of course played traditional games. It was a wonderful day.

I hope you all have a prosperous New Year and a relaxing holiday. We’ll see you back on Tuesday!

IMG_20200123_112422 IMG_20200123_112208 IMG_20200122_112158 IMG_20200120_111345 IMG_20200120_110800 IMG_20200120_092508 IMG_20200120_092451 IMG_20200120_092440 20200121_093211 20200121_093204 20200121_152505 20200121_152001 20200121_151130 20200121_142913 20200121_142809 20200121_134457 20200121_134411

Term 2 Week 2 Update

Well we’re back in the swing of things. The students had a great time learning this week.

In Math we finished up our unit on measurement. We used non-standard measures to find the length and weight of many objects in the classroom. Did you know a toy giraffe is weighs 11 counting blocks?

IMG_20200117_093644 IMG_20200114_094123 20200115_093731 20200115_093800

IMG_20200114_094152 20200115_092749

In Phonics we looked at the letters R and K. The students are really coming along in their phonics work and have a strong grasp of initial sounds. Our sight word this week was “like”.

In IEYC we continued on our superheroes theme. We had an introduction to Beginning/Middle/End of a story and tried to write our own stories using a story cube. We rolled the cube and it gave us ideas for the beginning, middle, and end of our stories. You can see these stories displayed on our board outside the classroom. We also revisited our story Supertato and Supertato came to visit us in the classroom. We got a chance to interview him and learned about his feelings during the story. Then the students got to roleplay the Supertato story and learn about the characters feelings. They’re really having fun being superheros.

20200114_135437 IMG_20200116_140243_Bokeh IMG_20200116_140254_Bokeh IMG_20200115_140732 IMG_20200115_140726 20200115_140059 20200115_134957

Don’t forget our Open Day is Monday if you want to come see teaching and learning in action at HFS. Please contact the administration office to register.

Our Seollal celebration will be Tuesday. The whole school has lots in store. Please come join us!

That’s all for this week. Have a happy weekend and we’ll see you next week!


Term 2 Week 1 Update

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing break. We’re back to full-time learning!

We started off the week with a great assembly from Mr. Kearney about empathy. We did an activity where we “stood in someone else’s shoes” to really learn their perspective.


We jumped right into a new unit on measurement in Math. We learned about things that are bigger and smaller, longer and shorter, and began learning about taller and shorter. We used a lot of real-life objects in the classroom to compare sizes. We also began working on written work in Math to start our Math notebooks.

20200107_092931 20200107_092938 20200107_093236 20200108_093353 20200108_093534 20200109_092733 20200109_093624 20200109_093610

In Phonics we covered the letters S and F and visited the sight word “at”.


IEYC has proven to be very exciting with our new unit, “To The Rescue!”, focusing on superheroes. We began the week finding a very special package sitting near our carpet after story time. What could it be? Well there was a letter signed “A Superhero” asking us to keep their box safe.

20200108_115530 20200108_115603

But, oh no! Soon the evil villain Mighty Freeze came into our classroom and put a magic spell on us and froze us in place while she stole our box that we were supposed to keep safe!


It’s a good thing she left a trail of snowflakes behind so we could follow them and rescue the box.

20200108_120435 20200108_120552

We brought it back to the classroom and opened it up. Inside we found supplies to make our own superhero masks!

20200108_120756 20200108_120913 20200108_134901 20200108_134914 20200108_140153

The next day we donned our jackets and masks and went outside for our Superhero Training. We completed the obstacle course and got certificates making us real superheroes.

20200109_140135 20200109_141736 20200109_141951

IMG_20200109_141643 IMG_20200109_141459 IMG_20200109_143741 (1)

We capped off the week reading the book Supertato and trying our hands at retelling a story. Then we used homemade playdough to make the characters from Supertato. We had a great time exploring texture and colour.

The students were pretty excited that this playdough was homemade and promptly declared that their moms  should make some. So, in case anyone gets this request, you can find the ingredients list and instructions on this blog: https://funlearningforkids.com/easy-play-dough-recipe-without-cream-tartar/

20200110_141958 20200110_142012 20200110_142026 20200110_142047 20200110_142702 20200110_143901

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun. We’ll see you back and ready on Monday!

Term 1 Sight Words List

As promised, below is the list of Sight Words that we have worked on this term if you want to do work around these words with your children during the holiday.

  • I
  • a
  • my
  • the
  • and
  • see

Term 1 Week 16 Update

Wow! It’s the end of the term! I am so proud of all the children and their learning thus far. We kept it up even until the last days before the holiday.

In Phonics we learned the initial sound “I” and our Sight Word was “and”. I’m excited to continue with our Phonics and Sight Words next term as well as begin Guided Reading.

IMG_20191210_110157_Bokeh IMG_20191210_110218_Bokeh IMG_20191210_110117_Bokeh IMG_20191210_105647_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110047 IMG_20191212_110138_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110146_Bokeh IMG_20191212_110212_Bokeh

We were a veritable toy factory for ending off our Toy Shop unit in IEYC. We made cars, boats, and kaleidoscopes. The students had a great time using different media to decorate and create their toys. They were played with here at school and I hope they get some use at home.

IMG_20191210_113324_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113332_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113339_Bokeh IMG_20191210_113858_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134851_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134857_Bokeh IMG_20191210_134951_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135000_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135022_Bokeh IMG_20191210_135135_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135742_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135747_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135802_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135830_Bokeh IMG_20191211_135846_Bokeh IMG_20191212_093505

All this work making toys has made the students very creative during their developmental play time. They had a day where they really enjoyed puzzles and they’ve been making some great small worlds for the car toys.

IMG_20191210_115345 IMG_20191210_115412_Bokeh IMG_20191210_115754 IMG_20191210_115914_Bokeh IMG_20191212_150250

Have a wonderful and restful holiday. Enjoy this time with your family no matter what you celebrate and we’ll see you back in the new year ready for more action-packed learning!