Term 3 Week 12 Update and Goodbye!

Wow! We made it! School’s out for summer!

We were still learning this week with some more money talk in Math.

In Phonics we continued on blends, this week we learned -R blends. Our Word of the Week was “find”.

In IEYC we continued looking at different artists and had a great time making flower paintings with our fingers and making faces from vegetables!

I just want to say it has been an honour to teach your children this past year and I have so loved watching them grow. I’m excited that they are graduating from FS2 to Year 1 and I am thrilled to continue to be their teacher. We’ve got lots in store next year so rest up over the holidays and we’ll see you in August, ready to learn!

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Term 3 Week 11 Update

Wow, I can’t believe we’re nearly done. We’re still counting the days of school every day and today was 175 of 180. We also know it’s the school dance today and have been counting to that all month.

This week in Math we took a quick look at money. We sorted coins into 1p, 2p, 5p, and 10p denominations.

In Phonics we’ve moved on to blends. This week was all -L blends (sl- fl- pl- cl-). I am so impressed at how much the children have learned this year in their phonics and reading.

In IEYC we continued with our “Imagine That!” unit. The students got some art supplies this week: a sketchbook, markers, and some paint of their very own! We made a cover for our sketch books, painted a Pablo Picacsso inspired “funny face” and made a Van Gogh inspired mobile. The students have really been enjoying all this creative output and have been spending a lot of their developmental playtime also drawing and making crafts.

Just a reminder that your child’s report card went home today. It is in their homework folder. I look forward to speaking with you (virtually) at our Parent Teacher Conferences next week.

Have a great weekend. We hope to see you at the dance tonight. Stay dry and we’ll see you on Monday!


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Term 3 Week 9 Update

Wow! Another full week as we round the bend to the end of the school year.

In Math we began learning about time. Students started learning how to tell time to the hour on an analogue clock.

In Phonics we continued with “Magic E” and the long vowels O and U. The students are becoming astute young readers and writers.

In IEYC we began our new unit “Imagine That” which focuses on different artists and types of art. We learned about Jackson Pollock and his “action painting” which we recreated by using found objects from outside instead of paint brushes. Much to the pleasure of some of our class, we learned about rangoli from India and tried to create our own with some coloured sand. Also we learned about Paul Klee, a Swiss artist who painted a lot of houses and villages. We drew pictures of our own homes and coloured them vividly.

Book character dress up day was a hit. Congratulations to Maximos for being voted best costume in our class.

Last, but not least, the students presented the Google Slideshows they made last week in Monday’s assembly. I was very proud of them for presenting in front of the whole school.

That’s all for this week. Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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Term 3 Week 8 Update

Wow, it’s been a busy week. The students did their GL Assessments in Maths and English this week. I am really proud of the effort they put in. It’s not easy writing such long tests at such a young age. The results of the tests are being scored now and we can discuss the results at the parent teacher conferences at the end of term.

In Maths we finished off our unit on data and graphing. The students surveyed the school and found out what the overall favourite animal of the school was (dogs). They learned to read graphs and how to compare two pieces of data within a graph.

In Phonics we started on “Magic E” where we learned that E at the end of a word makes the vowel say its name. We specifically studied Magic E with A and I. Our Word of the Week was “are”.

This week saw the close of our Animal Rescuers unit. We looked at penguins in Antarctica. We finished off by making our very own Google Slides presentations about animals we studied. I’m really proud of how well the students used a Google Image Search and the Slides software on their tablets.

Last week and this week a leveled reading book when home in your child’s homework folder. These books are to be read independently by your child. Please remember to include the books when returning your child’s homework on Wednesday. But these shouldn’t be the only books your child interacts with. Make sure you read your child’s library book with them. It’s OK if they can’t read those independently. Being read to is just as much a part of learning to read as reading independently.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!


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Term 3 Week 6 Update

Well we made it through our first full week back! Congratulations to all the students for their endurance.

A few housekeeping notes before the update:

Library Books

The students have a library period every Thursday. They are to bring their Book Bags (either a blue or pink folder with handles) and their books so that they can receive new books. Reading is so important at this age so please don’t miss out on this opportunity.


A pink homework folder went home with some work sheets. Homework goes home on Fridays and is due back on Wednesdays. Homework is never meant to be a stressful event. If your child is struggling with the homework, please let me know so I can adapt it appropriately.


Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please wear your grey PE t-shirts and appropriate bottoms and shoes to be active in.

And now for the update!

In Math we finished up our unit on subtraction. This is still a pretty tricky skill for the students as it is much easier to conceptualise adding more than it is taking away. I really applaud their efforts in learning.

In Phonics we did a review of CH/TH/SH and moved on to the digraph CK. Our Word of the Week was “Come”.

In IEYC we continued our journey around the world as Animal Rescuers. We read a story about a crocodile with a toothache and played a game where we pulled out the crocodile’s bad teeth. We played a jungle animal guessing game before moving on to the African Savannah where we learned people went on safari to see the animals by jeep so we made a jeep and some animal masks. We also practised our fine motor skills by threading the stripes onto very colourful zebras.

That’s all for this week!

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Term 3 Week 5 Update – Back to School!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re back. It was so great having a full and lively classroom again. We’ve got some adjusting to do back to classroom routines but I’m happy to say this week was largely a success.

I’d like to begin by welcoming Olivia Walker-Hutchison in person to our class. She’s been attending online classes with us so we feel like we know her. And I would like to extend a warm HFS welcome to Rani Choi who is just now joining us for the rest of the term. It’s wonderful having these girls in our class.

In Phonics we learned the digraph CH. I was really pleased to see how well the students did on their independent spelling and making words with magnets. They’re really getting it. We also did reading assessments this week so that we’re ready to start our “Just Right Groups” next week for guided reading.

In Math we worked on subtraction. It’s a trickier skill than addition and it’s going to take a lot of practice but I’m happy that everyone is giving it their best shot. We’ll be continuing subtraction next week.

We started our new IEYC topic this week Animal Rescuers. We made phones (so that we didn’t have to share a class phone) and got calls from the Animal Rescue Centre that we were going to be needed to help animals around the world. We made our class into a jungle by taking tree rubbings and making vines out of paper. We learned about animal movement and made our own animal stories book.

Also, today we had a little birthday party for me. Thank you so much, parents, for helping your children make the cards and flowers. It really meant a lot to me. With social distancing still somewhat necessary a birthday dance party with FS 1/2 was the best gift I could have hoped for. Your children mean the world to me and it was wonderful celebrating with them.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to a full week back to school next week!

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Term 3 Week 4 Update

Wow! I am so proud of all the learning the children have been doing through this eLearning time. I can’t believe it’s almost to an end.

We’ve finished up our unit in Math on Addition Stories. The students really know their math facts on sums from 0 to 10! Next week we start some tricky work – subtraction!

Our Blast Off! unit came to an end this week culminating with a wonderful cookie party. I hope you enjoyed the time in the kitchen with your children this week starting with slime and ending with a delicious treat. Hopefully the parents got to try some of those cookies!

In Phonics we continued on digraphs and introduced the digraph SH. I’m really excited to see the children start to put their new phonics knowledge into action when we get back to the classroom next week.

As you know, we’re still home on Monday and Tuesday, and we’re getting the school ready to see you on Wednesday. From the literature sent home it’s pretty clear things will be different here at school when we come back. Please remind your children that we will have to keep physical distance when we’re at school. We have to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. And we absolutely have to wear our masks. Children need to be responsible for their own masks so please practice putting them on and off independently in the time we have before we come back. Children will only be allowed to take their masks off for snack and lunch but they must be able to do it themselves.

I am so excited to have everyone back next week and we’re going to have a great time! See you online on Monday and see you in person on Wednesday!Cookie Party! (Friday) (22 May 2020 2_38_34 pm) Touchdown on Planet Moonbeam (Tuesday 1) (19 May 2020 2_13_27 pm) Touchdown on Planet Moonbeam (Tuesday 1) (May 19, 2020 2_05_47 PM) 20200519_140136 Touchdown on Planet Moonbeam (Tuesday 1) (19 May 2020 2_26_44 pm) Touchdown on Planet Moonbeam (Tuesday 1) (19 May 2020 2_35_01 pm) Where does Moonbeam Live (20 May 2020 3_02_12 pm) Where does Moonbeam Live (May 20, 2020 3_05_28 PM) What do Aliens Eat_ (Thursday) (21 May 2020 2_09_51 pm) (1) Addition Sums to 10 (Friday) (22 May 2020 10_07_19 am) IMG_4859 IMG_4845

Term 3 Week 3 Update

Well our 3rd week of the term has come to an end. And as you read in this morning’s school newsletter we have an end in sight for e-learning. I’d like to thank the parents again for all that you’ve been doing with your children during this time.

In Phonics we finished up Short Vowels and have started on Digraphs. Today we began learning “TH”.

In Maths we continued doing addition focusing on different strategies and working towards doing word problems (more of that next week).

In IEYC we continued our space theme focusing on the Moon this week. We learned about phases of the moon and some of the first space missions. Next week we’ll be finishing up this unit culminating with a space food (cookie) party on Friday. Hopefully we’ll get to see our friend Moonbeam again!

Have a great weekend  and we’ll see you rested and refreshed on Monday!

Moon Gazing (friday) (May 15, 2020 2_27_23 PM) 20200513_092344 Add with Number Path (Wednesday) (13 May 2020 10_15_14 am) Phases of the Moon (May 12, 2020 3_17_12 PM) Short Vowels Review - Day 15 and Word of the Week - How (Thursday) (May 14, 2020 11_16_54 AM) Equal Sign (Friday) (May 15, 2020 9_26_25 AM) Moon Buggy (Thursday) (May 14, 2020 3_12_39 PM) Moon Buggy (Thursday) (14 May 2020 2_56_16 pm) 20200515_102216 20200515_140253

Term 3 Week 2 Update

Well here we are finished another week! And what a great week it’s been.

In Math we finished up our unit on Addition to 10. Next week we’ll start our new unit and be looking at different addition strategies and word problems.

In Phonics we finished off Short Vowel U and started our Short Vowel Review.

In IEYC we continued to explore themes around space. We said goodbye to Moonbeam but went to visit him with our astronaut packs!

I can’t wait for next week’s learning! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday!

Adding 0 and 1 (Wednesday) (May 6, 2020 9_32_24 AM) Suiting Up (Thursday) (7 May 2020 3_16_18 pm) Suiting Up (Thursday) (May 7, 2020 2_27_45 PM) Suiting Up (Thursday) (7 May 2020 3_13_55 pm) 20200508_110525 20200508_102658 Planets (8 May 2020 3_08_43 pm) 20200508_145200

Term 3 Week 1 Update

Wow! What an exciting entrance to Term 3 we’ve had!

We started a new unit in Math on Addition to 10. Our Phonics is continuing with Short Vowels. We did E and started U this week. We also returned to doing Word of the Week and our Sight Word was “love”. Of course we started our new IEYC unit “Blast Off!” a unit about space and planets with a little visit from an extraterrestrial guest, Moonbeam. We’ve also started having more, and longer, video chats. I hope the children are pleased to see each other and each others work in these chats. It’s been fun for me to share with them.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday. Don’t forget, Tuesday of next week is a holiday so there will be no school.

FS 1-2 English (12) 20200501_104414 20200501_114513 IEYC Entry Point (Tuesday 428) (28 Apr 2020 2_49_24 pm) IEYC Entry Point (Tuesday 428) (28 Apr 2020 2_19_23 pm) 20200428_140004 Combinations to 8 (Friday 51) (1 May 2020 11_07_31 am) Combinations to 8 (Friday 51) (May 1, 2020 9_25_10 AM)