Students with Special Needs

We have limits to the support that HFS is able to offer students with significant special needs e.g. severe autism, mental disabilities, developmental delays, brain injuries, and emotional, social or behavioural problems.

In most cases special needs students are welcome and we do what we can to teach and socialise them in accordance with an agreed individual education plan (IEP). The IEP may address; learning, social and behavioural matters as required.

In cases where a child’s special needs are too demanding, disruptive or unsafe, we may require parents to provide additional support. (e.g. Having the child only attend part time or supplying a parent funded supervisor). The school may also determine that a specific child has needs too great and is unable to attend HFS.

We require full disclosure of all known or suspected special needs for our students at time of enrolment, and may request that parents arrange for a full professional assessment in some cases. We may also request professional assessment when a special need has not been notified, but concerns have arisen as a result of observations, learning or behaviours at school.

HFS has limited disabled access at either EYC or the Main School site.