Since May 2015 HFS is officially a member of SKAC. Therefore we are allowed to attend and organize sport competitions and other activities. SKAC is an organization from International schools based in the south of south Korea.

HFS will attend and contribute where possible and will motivate and encourage students to take part in different activities. Therefore the sport clubs and other clubs will be set up to train and prepare for competitions and exhibitions.


Southern Korean Activities Conference (SKAC) Regulations

Amended as of Aug 4, 2015

The following rules have been adopted by the Southern Korean Activities Conference and govern each school’s participation in the league as well as all games.

League Participation

  • The founding members of the conference were Busan Foreign School, Kwangju Foreign School, Gyeognam International Foreign School, Global Christian School, and Handong International School in Spring of 2005.
  • Daegu International School, Global Prodigy Academy, and Busan International Foreign School were added to the league during the 2011/2012 school year.
  • International School of Koje was added to the league in December 2012.
  • Busan Logos International Christian School was invited to participate in any open events beginning in the 2013/2014 school year.
  • Hyundai Foreign School in Ulsan was added to the league in May 2015.
  • Global Christian School is no longer in operation and thus no longer participates in the Southern Korean Athletic Conference (as of 2008).
  • A majority vote (at one of the two yearly meetings) by participating schools is necessary for adding new members.
  • Each school agrees to maintain its commitment to the league by adhering to all league decisions, including meeting the requirements of the agreed upon season schedules for each sport. Furthermore, each school will provide acceptable facilities for the assigned competitions.
  • Member schools will be appointed the responsibility of organizing the league on a rotating schedule each year.
  • All teams will contribute money for the purchase of trophies during the inaugural season of new sports or when all schools agree that trophies need to be updated.  
  • Wining schools are responsible for getting trophies properly engraved with their school name and year.
  • All schools should respond to emails within two days to help with communication and smooth running of events.
  • Only sports goggles or other suitable eye wear will be allowed to be worn in any competition that involves a ball.
  • Teams should wear uniforms and each uniform should have a different number and this number should be front and back of the top..  Teams should not have players with the same number uniform on the same team.  
  • Schools coaches and teams who attend tournaments should respect the officials provided and follow the schedule of events provided by the host school.  Any requested changes should be made before the day of the tournament.
  • Coaches should not yell or speak strongly with refs.  A polite request  to point out a correctable error or to understand a call is okay, but otherwise coaches should refrain from communicating directly with the referees.  If there is an issue with referees it should be taken directly to the tournament organizer.  
  • No jewelry should be worn by players participating in a game during any SKAC tournaments