Tongyeong Trip

The countdown to Tongyeong has begun and we will be soon on our way! We have had meetings with all students together as a big group, and individually with each class. Topics for discussion included trip expectations, packing list requirements, and group togetherness and teamwork.

I asked students to make a start on their packing this weekend and to have their packing lists handy when doing so. Of particular importance is having 2 pairs of sports shoes, toiletries, socks/underwear, and wet/warm/cold weather clothing. If parents could check their child has packed everything this would be a big help.

Students will need a day pack to take on the bus with them which should include their lunch/snacks, water, and a jacket on the trip down to Tongyeong. The rest of their belongings will be in their main bag which will be packed in the hold of the bus, and will not be easily accessible until it is unloaded later on Wednesday afternoon. Students will be transported directly to the Maritime Museum rather than the campsite, so it is important that they all have their day packs with them on the bus.

Please arrive promptly at 6-40am on Wednesday morning so the big bags can be packed in the hold of the bus and we can set off promptly by 7 am.

Everyone is getting excited—-especially the staff!

Cancellation of Swim Test and Change of Itinerary for Tongyeong Trip

Adventure Korea has just informed me that because of the current weather conditions and cool sea temperatures it is no longer possible to do the Kayaking activity. The company that runs this particular activity has delayed operations until mid-May.  Instead we have been offered a trip to the recently opened Skyline Luge in Tongyeong which is a 1.5km track that students ride a luge down. For further details please visit the following website;

Due to the cancellation of the Kayaking we will now NOT be undertaking the planned swimming test at Namok Pool tomorrow, and as such there will be a normal timetable. The swimming test will instead be done at the beginning of the swimming programme in PE lessons around mid-May (weather permitting!)

Thank you for your kind understanding.